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What does NSA stand for in sexual terms?

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no strings attached
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What are the NSA?

NSA is an abbreviation for National Security Agency. From Wikipedia: "The National Security Agency/Central Security Service (NSA/CSS) is a cryptologic intelligence agency

What is nsa?

Answer   National Security Agency   *******   In terms of sexuality, NSA refers to "No Strings Attached" and is generally used to indicate casual sex is wanted.

What is the gay term nsa mean?

It's not just gay, nsa is no strings attached. Sex without commitment.

What does BBC stand for sexually?

British Broadcasting Corporation is the Average use of BBC Sexually BBC stands for "Big Black C*ck"

What is the sexual term swinging bishop?

it When you're in the spooning position with your back to his, lift your top leg and have him hold it, or drape your leg over his. This allows for even deeper penetration - an

What does a level mean in sexual terms?

It's a code for 'anal' - that is, anal sex with tongue, fingeror penis. . In Great Britain it is generally anal sex. In the United Statesit can be either anal sex or "girl fr

What is nsa stand for?

NSA stands for National Security Agency, which monitors communication systems as a defense precaution.