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What does Sabrina mean in Greek?

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Actually, Sabrina, a variant of Brianna, is of Celtic origin - the name means: high, noble, exalted.
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What does 'Sabrina' mean in Swahili?

It is an adopted Arabic name that means 'patient one' but has no meaning in Swahili. The Swahili version of Sabrina is Subira (patience), pronounced 'soo-bee-rah' NOTE: If you

What is the meaning for the name Sabrina?

Sabrina is the Celtic name for the Severn River in Wales. This name brings darkness and badluck to all. it was created by a kings servant in the 1300's whne he found the love

What dose the name Sabrina mean?

  Sabrina is a name from ancient British mythology. Locrine was the first (mythological) king of England. Locrine was married to Gwendolen, but fell in love with Estrildi

What does Sabrina mean in Hebrew?

Sabrina is the Latinized form of "Habren", the original Welsh name of the River Severn. It has no meaning in Hebrew.

What does Sabrina mean in Native American?

First, there is no single Native American language. Second, European names such as this do NOT translate directly into any Native American language (much less mean something