What does Zeus eat?

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Ambrosia and nectar also know as the food of the gods.
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How did Zeus escape Cronus eating him?

his mother hid him in a cave until he was older and stronger and gave Cronos a stone wrapped in cloth which Cronus swallowed, thinking it was Zeus.

What did Zeus like to eat?

Zeus was a notorious fan of debauchery. He is mentioned inBullfinch's Mythology as eating swans, pheasants, nectar,butterflies, sweetmeats and other delicacies.

Who did Zeus eat?

He ate his 1st wife and married his sister He ate Metis (in the form of a fly).

What is the story of Zeus eating his wife?

Zeus met a beautiful women named Metis who stole his heart. The last year they were together Metis was pregnant with a baby boy but Zeus was worried that the new baby would ta

Did Zeus eat phanes?

No, phanes handed the throne to Zeus because Zeus could be a great young ruler.

Why did Zeus eat his wife?

Zeus ate his wife because she was smarter than him and he wanted to be the smartest of everyone so therefore Athena popped out of his brain or forehead.
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Did Zeus eat his parents?

Zeus didn't eat his parents. His dad, Cronos, ate his 5 brothers and sisters. The story began when Cronos killed his father then got a prophecy saying that one of his childre
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Why did Zeus eat Athena's mother?

It was prophesied that Athena's mother, Metis, would bear children more powerful than Zeus. After lying with Metis, Zeus ate Metis in order to forestall that prophecy. But he
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Who did Zeus stop from eating her children?

Zeus was a Greek god, and he never ate his children; he is noted for swallowing Metis, mother of Athena as well as Phanes. His father Cronus swallowed all of Zeus's older sibl