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What does a bathroom scale measure?

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It measures the magnitude of the gravitational force that attracts you toward the center of the Earth.

It's not necessary to measure the magnitude of the force that attracts the Earth
toward the center of you. Not only don't you care about that one, but we know
that it's exactly the same as the first one.
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Are bathroom scales really accurate about a person s weight and if not then what can you use to measure your progress?

  Bathroom scales are very accurate. The same scale will show the correct reading day after day, no matter what. There is no better way to measure progress than using a ba

What do bathroom scales measure?

Bathroom scales measure your weight. Or really you should say it measures your mass. Hard to tell really! So anyways thanks for seeing my answer! xoxo Secret

How do you check accuracy of bathroom scale?

There are many bathroom scales nowadays that are claiming to be accurate. Some of these bathroom scales have gone digital. One way to check that your bathroom scale is giving

What is the average scale of a bathroom?

The average size scale of a full bathroom is approximately 100 square feet. The average open floor space would be 45 square feet respectively for a full bathroom. The bathroom
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What does your bathroom scale measure?

density It registers the force it must exert to support you (this is equal to your scientific weight), then divides by the acceleration due to gravity (around 9.8 m/s2). Weig