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A good creative director should be the manager and inspirational leader to the creative team. A hands-on Senior Designer,Art Director or Copywriter, creative leader and workflow manager, ensuring the highest standards of creative output by managing the team, their creative output and their ongoing development. The official definition would say that your job is to manage creative projects from concept to completion, translating marketing objectives into creative strategies, and directing the creative team in the production of advertising and marketing collateral. But that’s a very dry description of what you’re actually required to do. The best description is it's your job to create an environment within which people can do their best work. This means ensuring the briefs they're given are clear and full. Presenting and defending their work so that the best of it gets through. And ensuring they get useful feedback from each presentation, so their understanding of what's required continues to grow.
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How do you become a advertising creative director?

I would say that you can't expect to just jump into the role of advertising creative director. It's about what you know, and in some ways, who you know, through the contacts a

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Well, if the director is very popular they could be paid over 200k an average probably around 120k-160k annually, It depends of their skill and company

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in my opinion i think creativity is the best thing that humankind has these days like would there be any games to entertain young girls and boys if their werent any people to

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creativity hangs the problem in the gallows pole till death. no one can knoe how does it work but when it works its untidy.careativity finds the solution not only for problem