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What does a normal teenage vagina look like?

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Same as an adult womans.
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Can you show me what the vagina looks like?

You should be aware that the female sexual organ is actually the  vulva. The vulva has two large lips, the labia majora, inside of  which are two smaller lips, the labia min

Is it normal to like the taste of vagina?

Yes actually it is in human nature for males to be highly pleased by the scent and taste of a woman after we reach puberty some of us become sensitive to pheromones which wome
Is it normal for a man to look at teenage porn?

Is it normal for a man to look at teenage porn?

Teenage porn as in under 18 year old porn? No, that is illegal. Porn that a teenager would look at? Maybe. For some guys porn can be addicting and for others they might just l

What does a teenage penis look like?

Well I am a 14 year old male who has been cut and is about 5.8 inches long when I am erect. I have black pubic hair right above the start of my penis and my testicals have blo

What does a shaved vagina look like?

You can't shave a vagina. It's an internal structure. It'd be like trying to shave your esophagus. As to a vulva, pudenda, pubic mound, etc...see below and substitute in the a

What do girl's vagina look like?

It consists of some fleshy folds above which is a sexually sensitive organ called clitoris which girls often rub during masturbation.between the folds is the vagina which is a
What your vagina supposed to look like?

What your vagina supposed to look like?

My vagina looks like a dark set of lips. It has a clit or extra piece of skin in the miidddle that if touched when wet and rubbed lightly makes a woman cringe!

Is it normal for teenage boys to look at porn?

It is normal to be curious about things that are normally hidden from view (such as naked humans). If pornographic materials are available for a teen to find, he probably look

What should a vagina look like?

There are not two alike. The colors differ from light pink to brown to purple in different shades. Some labia's are small and other big. I've added a link to the Wiki vagina p