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What does a normal teenage vagina look like?

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Same as an adult womans.
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What does a teenage girl look like?

There is no obvious look for a teenage girl, everyone's beautiful in their own way.. and in our society your always being judged on your appearance but let that be the chance

What does an STI look like on a vagina?

Depends on which one but sometimes it can be a bit red because she might have a yeast infection or it might itch. With herpes you get blisters. It can also be a bit swollen. T

What does a Canine Vagina look like?

First of all.... y would u ask about that uunless u r a desperate male dog second of all... who give a rats butt go ask a vet u r welcome

What does a mare's vagina look like?

A mare's vagina is very similar in appearance to its anus, just with a few extra folds of skin. It is the lower of the two openings in the mare's rear. Actually the vagina of

Is it normal to like the taste of vagina?

Yes actually it is in human nature for males to be highly pleased by the scent and taste of a woman after we reach puberty some of us become sensitive to pheromones which wome