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What does a normal teenage vagina look like?

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Same as an adult womans.
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You've managed to merge your 2 worlds by using your music as the soundtrack for Dallas Stunt Ryderz's videos! Do fans seem surprised when they realize the person singing is the same person that is doing the stunts on a motorcycle?

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Is it normal to like the taste of vagina?

Yes actually it is in human nature for males to be highly pleased by the scent and taste of a woman after we reach puberty some of us become sensitive to pheromones which wome

What does a transgenders vagina look like?

If she is born a woman it's a normal vagina and if she is a man who had surgery it also looks like a normal vagina. A doctor can not even tell by looking on the outside.

How does a virgin vagina look like?

Externally there is no discernible difference between virgin and  non virgin vaginal openings. The key difference is that the labia  minora muscle tissue is torn, permitting

Can an eye look like a vagina?

In poetry it is possible. Poets pen can compare and make any thing meaning full.

What does a mare's vagina look like?

A mare's vagina is very similar in appearance to its anus, just with a few extra folds of skin. It is the lower of the two openings in the mare's rear. Actually the vagina of

What do vagina teeth look like?

A female's vagina does not contain teeth. This is completely an urban legend made popular in Hollywood movies.

What does your vagina look like after sex?

  Usually your vagina look rose red after sex because you will be rubbing it ALOT on his penis.

What does a cow vagina look like?

It's a cylindrical tube that is about 20" long that starts at the vulva and ends at the cervix.
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How does teenage vulva look like?

Like a peach.