What does a normal teenage vagina look like?

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Same as an adult womans.
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How does an elephant vagina look like?

very different from humans and other mammals. It is located between the female's legs, approximately where a male horses testicles would be. it is just a kind of droopy openin

What do pimples on your vagina look like?

There are no pimples on a vagina but on the vagina flaps or just the outer part there can be ingrown hair which is commonly mistaken for vagina pimples.

What are vaginas supposed to look like?

Now man i ask dis because my girlfriend and i were jus hangin u kno, and like i pulled her pants down and shi and like it was a little stub man. like i have never seen a puss

What does an STI look like on a vagina?

Depends on which one but sometimes it can be a bit red because she might have a yeast infection or it might itch. With herpes you get blisters. It can also be a bit swollen. T

What do discharge look like from a vagina?

Vaginal discharge typically looks like a thin lotion - white orcream. Around a week before ovulation it will contain fertilecervical mucus which will be clear and stretchy lik

Is it normal to like the taste of vagina?

Yes actually it is in human nature for males to be highly pleased by the scent and taste of a woman after we reach puberty some of us become sensitive to pheromones which wome