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What does a normal teenage vagina look like?

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Same as an adult womans.
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What is the average vagina look like?

Some say it looks like a flower. I've seen a few, and they are all a little different, like women's breasts. Some have bigger lips and some are smaller. Some are pinker and

What does a normal flora look like?

it just look like a normal flower on the ground kinda like a daisy well i dont really know but you can to google and type in "A FLORA" don't type in jut flora it doesnt work

How does a non-virgin vagina look like?

The same as a virgin's vagina looks like. there is no clinical test, only a female knows or her boy friend knows better....

Do teenage boys like to look at boobs?

some of them   ANSWER   AS A GUY I LIKE TO LOOK AT BIG BOOBS. I THINK THATS ALL WE BOYS CARE ABOUT.   Well, im 13 and i have a size e cup bra, would u stear at mine

What do girl's vagina look like?

It consists of some fleshy folds above which is a sexually sensitive organ called clitoris which girls often rub during masturbation.between the folds is the vagina which is a