What does a reasonable facsimile mean?

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reasonable means simply not exactly right but close enough
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Who invented the facsimile or fax machine?

Alexander Bain invented it back in 1843, but business moved at such a slow pace then that there just wasn't a need for the fax machine until over a hundred years later. His invention worked pretty much on the same principle as the old thermo paper faxes from the 1980's, but had a rotating cylinder (MORE)

What is the meaning of 'reasoning'?

Reasoning means a mental cognitive process to judge concepts logically to acquiesce or corroborate.Each school of thought will define in its own domain of hypothesis either through discrete empirical evidences or logical abstractions/convictions.

What does rhyme and reason mean?

The noun-clause 'rhyme and reason' is typically used to mean'sense,' 'meaning,' or 'insight.' It often appears in contemporaryEnglish in this form: 'There's no rhyme or reason to that claim.'

What does reasoning mean?

Reasoning is a thought process involving logic. Rather than making arbitrary or "gut" decisions, choices can be made by going through the rationale supporting each action and deciding what is logical.

What does beyond reasonable doubt mean?

The clause beyond reasonable doubt simply means that there is enough evidence to convince the judge that you have committed the act or in other word, the crime. That is the standard which must be met for conviction of a defendant in a criminal trial. Notice that the standard is not, "beyond ALL doub (MORE)

What is beyond reasonable doubt mean?

ighest burden of proof in a criminal case , placed normally on the prosecution . Because under common law the defendant is presumed innocent , his or her guilt must be proven to the entire satisfaction of the judge or jury . This term, however, does not imply 'beyond a shadow of adoubt. (MORE)

What is a facsimile message?

Facsimile message is the full name for what is commonly known as a fax. It is a technique for scanning one or more sheets of paper, transmitting the images over the telephone network and printing them at a remote destination. Typically the printout is black and white and of quite limited resoluti (MORE)

What does facsimile mean?

A fax (short for facsimile ) is a document sent over a telephone line. Fax machines have existed, in various forms, since the 19th century, though modern fax machines became feasible only in the mid-1970s as the sophistication of technology increased and cost of the three underlying technologies (MORE)

What does reasonable mean?

having sound judgment; fair and sensible as much as is appropriate or fair; moderate based on good sense not too expensive

What does a reasonable mean?

Reasonable means that it is Ok but not to good. it is sort of a maybe. 'A reasonable' is a different MATTER. it can work in a sentence like, "the man's penis was a reasonable item to have intercourse with'.

What is a sentence for facsimile?

The word "facsimile" means something that looks like or is a copyof something else. A sentence for this word is: "The term fax, asin fax machines, is short for facsimile, because the machines sendan electronic copy of a page."

In what year did facsimile autographed baseballs start?

The First team autographed Baseballs . The Autographed Ball Company was founded in 1947 by Richard B.(Dick) Culler in High Point, North Carolina. Culler played baseballin the major leagues from 1945 to 1950, for the Philadelphia A's,Chicago White Sox, Boston Braves, Chicago Cubs, and New YorkGian (MORE)

Is facsimile document legally binding?

Your question lacks detail so the following is general information. It depends on the document and where it needs to be legally binding. Faxed documents are becoming more and more common and if they need to be used in court a faxed signature may be vulnerable depending on the issues. An origina (MORE)

What is reason mean in the Age of Reason?

It means that during that time, you went along with whatever you thought was right. It was encouraged that you didnt follow laws and what not if you didnt think it was fair or if it would benefit you.

What does it mean if you are really tired for no reason?

If you are feeling tired there is always a reason. Your body is trying to communicate that something is wrong or needed. Exhaustion can be manifested as a symptom from mental disorders such as depression or anxiety. It may also be from a lack of protein in the diet, anemia or lack of iron, low blood (MORE)

What does kick reason to the curb mean?

To kick something to the curb is an idiom that means you are discarding something. Imagine that you are in a car and you kick something out as you drive by, or that you kick something off the sidewalk to the curb on the street. If you kick reason to the curb, you discard reason or logic. This would (MORE)

What is the meaning of Used Reason?

The phrase "used reason" usually refers to a person who logically calculated. An example is, "Jim 'used reason' to determine whether Mary was truthful in her response. She had no bias in the matter, and therefore had no reason to lie to him."

What does it mean when you smile at someone for no reason?

As far as I'm concerned, it can mean pretty much anything. They could like you, or may have been thinking about something and didn't realize they were looking at you as they did it, or you caught them staring and they didn't know what else to do.

Why are girls so mean to you for no reason?

Take it from my point of view, after all I am a girl. Sometimes it might be because they are upset,don't want to admit your right, embarrased, scared about telling you something, in a bad mood, had a bad day or family problems.

Why do girls become mean for no reason?

why do girls become mean for no reason????? is that a answerable question??? there must be a reason of course... I am a nice girl, but I can be a horrible Bword to my awesome husband for "no reason" when he pushes a button... Girls attach emotions to things. That is what makes us great mothers, grea (MORE)

Is it facsimile number is like a fax?

Fax is short for facsimile. Fax number and facsimile number has numbering format the same with standard phone number. Internet fax number on the other hand is a combination of phone number and extension of the service provider.

What is the meaning of reasonable working conditions?

Pertains to the humane and acceptable working environment that promotes, develops, sustains and satisfies the physical, economic, psycho-social and spiritual well-being of the employees and promotes harmonious relationship between employees and management to enhance their dignity for a more responsi (MORE)

Is a facsimile baseball worth anything?

Souvenir baseballs with stamped facsimile signature will vary in value based on the team, players, and era it is from. Newer souvenir baseballs from the 1980's and up sell for $10-$15 more if they are from a championship team or have key players on the ball. Pre 80's baseballs sell in the $20 - $35 (MORE)

What is facsimile paper?

The facsimile paper was invinted in 1878 by mastermind author Arthur Redeen. Although he has been forgotten about by modern society (due to his very controversal essay on freeing slaves, which made him an outcast to that day's society. They made sure they forgot about him) hsi facsimile paper has be (MORE)

What does reason 2 mean for certegy?

Apparently, its because the statistical analysis of the time, place, and amount (or some s**t like that) of the check stated that there was chance of fraud. It's bull is what is.

Does fax stand for facsimile?

Yes, "fax" is short for "fascimile". Generally, a fax is referred to only in terms of the electronictransmission known as faxing. It is not used in any other areas oflanguage. A fascimile is a term used in the same way for faxing as well,however it is also used in a wider range areas to mean arepr (MORE)

What is the word origin for the word facsimile?

It was created in the late 16th century as fac simile, when used to describe writing an exact copy. It comes from the imperative forme of Latin facere (to make, the impreative is fac!) and the neuter form of similis (like, the neuter is simile)

Why is your boyfriend mean to you for no reason and ignoring you?

He may be going through a rough time. You can help by giving him space and you should probably see a therapist yourself, as they could give you further advice and you can make sure you are reaching full potential. If you are a teen, talk to your school counselor at school about it.

What does facsimile mean in Latin?

Facsimile comes from latin "fac simile", which means something like "make it similar". And that's exectly what a FAX does: it makes a similar copy of the original.

What does it mean when a guy says for a reason?

I'd assume that you two were after a little tiny argument and he was explaining his actions but was thinking of how he did his actions for a reason. The best thing to do is to continue to talk it out with him and make sure that he's not mad or whatever the kind-of "bad" mood he's in.

What does defect of reason mean?

R v Clarke (1972) Defect of reason does not include absentmindedness. It means being deprived of the power to reason not just failing to use it.