What does a vocal arranger do?

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A vocal arranger decides how the artist will sing a song. It might be a line that the arranger thinks sounds better if the singer uses a vibrato in their voice, or a wavery tone rather than straight. Maybe the note should be sung an octave higher, or add a breathy tone to the words. He may say "Hey, add a yell, right there, or an ooohh aahhh."
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What are vocal cords?

Well they are things in your throat with help you talk, when air fly's up quickly and hits your vocal cords it finds out whay you trying to say and then makes the sound of the

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Studies have proven that the world under the sea is actually quitea noisy world indeed. There have been over 1000 types of fish foundto make sounds that include pops, purrs, c

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That is something done by your voice, perhaps singing.. Scroll down to related links and look at "Vocal sound production".

Are Chihuahuas vocal?

They can for sure. My three chihuahuas bark like crazy, and it's hard to get them to Zip it! LOL! -They are good apartment dogs because of their size, but when left alone
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Tics may be motor or vocal
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Why language is vocal?

Language is primarily a spoken phenomenon. Many languages do not have a written form, and all languages evolve in spoken form first. "Vocal" is a word that means "spoken".
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Vocal colour- the subtle distinction or variation in style that gives music it's characteristics and expression vocally.
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It can mean more than one thing. It can mean your vocal voice, like your sound when you are singing. But it can also mean a certain kind of letters. A, E,I, O,U and Y are voca