What does adolas stand for?

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ADOLAS stands for: Attention Deficit Oh Look A Squirrel.
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What does AQHA stand for?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nAmerican Quarter Horse Association\n. \n. \n. \n Additional information \n. \n. \nA quarter horse is a breed of horse known for its speed over short distances. The American Quarter Horse breed evolved during the early 1600s, as Arab, Turk, and Barb breeds were brou (MORE)

What does ME stand for?

ME stands for Maine Master of Engineering degree. Master of Economics degree. Master of Education degree. It is also the internet country code for Montenegro.

What does AM stand for?

In time expression AM (morning) stands for ante meridiem (Latin: beforemidday/noon), while PM stands for post meridiem (aftermidday/noon). For broadcast radio stations (AM radio or FM radio), AM = amplitude modulation FM = frequency modulation which are two ways to modulate a carrier freque (MORE)

What does NAND stand for?

NAND stands for 'Not And', which means the output will send a signal so long as both inputs aren't on. (If both inputs A and B are 1, then the output is 0. All other combinations give an output of 1)

What does 'IT' stand for?

Information Technology. Answer If you are talking about computers 'IT' stands for information technology. Answer Used to refer to that one previously mentioned. Used of a nonhuman entity; an animate being whose sex is unspecified, unknown, or irrelevant; a group of objects or individuals; an (MORE)

What does dsp stand for?

DSP can stand for many items depending on the field it is used in.A couple examples are "Domain Specific Part" in computing and"Digital Signal Processor" in video editing.

What does SAGE stand for?

Ans 1. Securing Assets for Grassroots Empowerment Ans 2. S.A.G.E. can also stand for S tudents A cademically G ifted E ducation. Ans 3 . SAGE was an acronym for semi-automatic ground environment. This was the world's first national air-defence system run by computer. Proposed by MIT in a (MORE)

What does ANZIIF stand for?

ANZIIF stands for The Australian and New Zealand Institute ofInsurance and Finance. The ANZIIF, or Institute, was formed in 2000from the Insurance Institute of New Zealand and the AustralianInsurance Institute.

What does ED stand for?

Consolidated Edison, Inc. Early Death Early Deployment Earnings Difference Eating Disorder Economic Development Edema Education Effective Date Effective Diameter ElectroDeposited Emergency Department Encryption Device Encyclopedia Dramatica End Delimiter Endothelial Dysfunction Engineering Developme (MORE)

What does the lamp stand stand for in the Bible?

The " Living Word of God ," the Bible: " THY WORD IS A LAMP unto my feet, and a LIGHT unto my path." (Ps.119-105 KJV ) The Bible is God's " instruction manual " for His creation,mankind, created in His image [the Manufacturer's Owner's Manual].Of Psalm 119:105, Matthew Henry says: "...The (MORE)

What is stand?

standing is easy all you have to do sit then stretch your legs PS hope this helps (A different type of stand is something you can put music sheets on so you can see them better.)

How do you stand out?

You don't need to follow trends. Start your own trends. Wear all of the stuff nobody wears, like those concert t-shirts, funky bracelets and scarves! Say things that nobody else says, and have fun! Just dress how you feel; have fun; do something that no one else would ever think of but that does (MORE)

What does in stand for?

inside. ----------. IN could stand for:. The country code for India . The postal abbreviation for Indiana . the IATA code for MAT Macedonian Airlines . car licence plate code for Ingolstadt, Germany . Intelligent network, a telecommunication networks architecture . Indian Navy, part of the M (MORE)

What does AT stand for?

At stands for a place you have been to. "We've been at the water park." . Without a contexts this is difficult to answer. In computing AT stands for multiple things but probably the most used is Advanced Technology (AT) as in ATX (for Advanced Technology Extended) .

What does is stands for?

you'll hear vip a lot from super stars or anyone what it means is very important person so any time a person says vip remember this

What does HIM stand for?

HIM stands for "His Infernal Majesty.". Health Information Management. (formerly "Medical Records " at Hospital or health clinic) I worked in "HIM" for 8 years.

What does IQ stand stand for?

Image Quality . Intelligence Quotient . Iraq (ISO 3166 country code) . Institute of Quarrying . Installation Qualification

What is the stand called that the winners stand on?

podium or Dais (pronounced /ˈdeɪ.əs/ or /ˈdaɪ.əs/ [1] ) is any raised platform located either in or outside of a room or enclosure, often for dignified occupancy, as at the front of a lecture hall or sanctuary.

What is a stand in?

Noun stand in ( plural stand ins ) . A substitute; a replacement. Verb to stand in ( third-person singular simple present stands in , present participle standing in , simple past and past participle stood in ) . To substitute for; to replace; ( theater ) to serve as an und (MORE)

What does .in stand for?

Whatever you type while browsing internet, like "yahoo.com" "Google.com" "orkut.com" all these are called domains. There are mainly two types of domains (not depend on the name but the purpose of the domain owner) namely, Generic(.com .org .biz .info etc) and Country (.in .nz .UK .us etc) Gene (MORE)

What does the A in a stand for?

I think that it stands for utterly nothing and it is just a way of making life so much easier. But in real life i doubt that anyone alive knows what it stands for.

What does the 'i' in iPad stand for?

The 'i' in iPad like all Apples breakthrough products comes from IVE as in JONATHAN IVE the genius who designed the products. Source: wikipedia.org/wiki/Jonathan_Ive

What does Grammy stand for?

Grammy stands for... G- Gramophone R- Radio A- And M- Modern M- Music Y- ( i think they added the 'y' to make it sound like a word otherwise it would be the Gramm awards and that just sounds weird)

What ET stands for?

Probably most commonly for "extra-terrestrial." Other possibilities are: Eastern Time Entertainment Tonight Exact Target, Inc

What does SCIS stand for?

Have no idea what SCIS stands for. If you mean SCSI: Small Computer System Interface, or minor variations of wording.

What could no stand for?

No. It means: not any; not one; not a: There's no butter left. There are no pockets in these trousers. That's my kind of holiday - no email, no phone, and no worries. There's no chance (= no possibility) of us getting there by eight. used in signs and on notices to show that something is not (MORE)

What does SPMO stand for?

The acronym.freedictionary.com site lists three: SPMO. Specialised Plant and Machinery Operations. SPMO. Strategic Project Management Office. SPMO. Site Project Management Office.

What does omsi stand for?

I found four answers as to what omsi stands for but i think that the best answer is Operation and Maintenance Support Information Or maybe the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry.

What does gig stand for?

generally speaking it means gigabyte (in file size or storage space) but it can mean gigabit (in terms of connection speed)

What does 'WHO' stand for?

World Health Organisation . White House Office . World Humor Organization . Washington Homeschool Organization

What is stands for am?

am, stands for the "I" form of the verb, "to be". or if you are looking for the time, it stands for "ante meridian" or in English "before the middle (of the day)" If you are perverted, I will not even answer that question...

What does stand by stand for in reference to computers?

It means "wait". The connection or the computer may be reformatting itself. Interestingly, the expression comes from amateur (ham) radio, when operators would "stand by" or wait for the messages that were being received from ships at sea, or when any emergency messages were coming in. Even though we (MORE)

What stands for am?

Well if u r referring to the time when get up like the am and pm then am stands for at morning ( thats the short version theres a really long version that i don't know) and pm stands for past morning ( theres a really long version but i dont know it) Does this help at all? Ante meridiam, Latin, me (MORE)

What does the acronym stand SADC stand for?

Sector Air Defense Commander Governmental->Military South African Development Commission Regional->African Southern Africa Development Council Governmental->United Nations Southern African Development Community Community Governmental->United Nations

What does Buddhism stand for and why does it stand for what it stands for?

Buddhism is a type of religion, most commonly practiced in Asia. It was founded around the teachings of an Indian holy man named Siddhartha Gautama Shakyamuni, who was better known by his honorary title, The Buddha (the Enlightened One). Buddhists are generally known for being non-violent, most are (MORE)

What does AT-AT stand for?

AT-AT stands for more than one reason. Here are the reasons: . AtAT. As the Apple Turns (Macintosh-related web site) . ATAT. All Terrain Armored Transport (Star Wars) . ATAT. Alloy Theoretic Automated Toolkit. ATat. Arts and Technology at tech (MIT student art group) . ATAT. Apprenti (MORE)

What can not stand?

A baby can not stand. . "A house divided against itself cannot stand" is a quote from an English language translation of the Gospel of Mark. The quote was used in a famous speech by Abraham Lincoln in regard to the U.S. Civil War.

What is WHAT stand for?

Winter Haven Area Transit Wilmington Health Access for Teens Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater West Hills Aquatic Team Wetland Habitat Alliance of Texas Wacky Harebrained Absurd Trivia Wheels Hull Armour Turret Warning-Homing-Avoidance-Targeting West Houston Aquatics Team or World Hunger Awareness Tea (MORE)

What is stand out?

When someone stands out from a large group for example if someone is wearing something appealing like a zebra printed onsie in the middle of town you would stand out because everyone would be looking at you.

What does .at stand for?

.at is the ccTLD (country code Top Level Domain) for Austria. The internet country code for Australia is .au

What is a stand to?

In military terms it is an order to assume positions to resist a possible attack. To maintain a stable and upright position