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ADOLAS stands for: Attention Deficit Oh Look A Squirrel.
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What does AN stand for?

SymbolANThe ISO 3166-1 two-letter (alpha-2) code for Netherlands Antilles.

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What does WHO stand for?

World Health Organization.

What does OR stand for?

OR is the postal abbreviation for Oregon. O.R. can also stand for  Operating Room.

What does 'WHO' stand for?

World Health OrganisationWhite House OfficeWorld Humor OrganizationWashington Homeschool Organization

What is stands for am?

am, stands for the "I" form of the verb, "to be". or if you are looking for the time, it stands for "ante meridian" or in English "before the middle (of the day)" If you are p

What stands for am?

Well if u r referring to the time when get up like the am and pm then am stands for at morning ( thats the short version theres a really long version that i don't know) and pm

What does AT-AT stand for?

AT-AT stands for more than one reason. Here are the reasons: AtAT | As the Apple Turns (Macintosh-related web site) / ATAT | All Terrain Armored Transport (Star Wars) / ATAT
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What is WHAT stand for?

Winter Haven Area Transit   Wilmington Health Access for Teens   Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater   West Hills Aquatic Team   Wetland Habitat Alliance of Texas