What does boun anno mean?

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from Italian it means happy new year
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What does Anno Domini mean?

Anno Domini, translated year of the lord (AD) and Before Christ (BC) are designations used to label or number years used with the Julian and Gregorian calendars.This calendar

What is the meaning of anno domini sistem?

"Anno Domini" means "Year of Our Lord" in Latin. The Lord refered to is Jesus Christ and for the purposes of dating it is assumed (in this system) that The year 1 AD is the da

What is the meaning of anno Dominica?

there must be a problem with "dominica" because that word does not exist in either latin or Italian (the two languages to which anno atributes to usage) did u mean anno domini

What is the meaning of Anno Domino and Before Christ?

Anno Domini is a term that refers to the years after the birth of Jesus; it means "In the year of the Lord" and is abbreviated A.D. Before Christ is a term that refers to the

Anno Domini means?

The term Anno Domini is Medieval Latin, translated as In the year of (the/Our) Lord.

What does annos natus mean?

It means "years born" in Latin. Annos is in the accusative pluraland natus is in the masculine nominative singular. (The feminineequivalent is Nata.) Normally this phrase wou
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What does this mean in English Boun jour D ou es tu stp?

This is somewhat fractured french. You probably meant to say 'Bonjour. D'ou es tu s.t.p?' This means 'Good day. Where are you from please?' However the use of the famila
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Does anno mean year as in spanish ano means year?

In Spanish 'an~o' = year. In Latin, the equivale nt is 'annus' (you may remember the Queen speaking of her 'annus horribilis' - horrible year - when there was a fire at Wind