What does gold ring markings GWR U72 mean?

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What are the markings to show if a ring is gold or silver?

gold and silver marks . \nSterling silver rings are usually marked "sterling" or "925."\n. \nGold is usually marked with the karat, such as 10k, 14k, etc., but may also be

What does 14k GWR on the inside of a late 1960's mens wedding ring mean?

okay, i have had quite a bit of research for this for you (currently at 4.32am in the morning and needing much deprived sleep) but anyway, i found an answer from www.about.com

What is the mark of white gold ring?

Well, the mark of white gold depends how the jewelry industry makes it; can be W. G. 10k, W. G. 14k, W. G. 18k or 18k-14k-18k-22k this depends on how pure color white is insid
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What does 14k GWR inside a ring mean?

I was asking the same exact question. Hopefully someone will know and give a good answer. Very curious to know who is g.w.r. and if they are still around.
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Can a gold ring not have a mark?

Yes some custom made rings do not have a mark ; Regular gold ring have a mark can be 10k - 14k - 18k - 22k , No ring can be 24k Yellow gold is to soft can break easy . White g