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What does nature of the case mean?

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This is the argument of a case rather than the hard facts of a case
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What does natural mean?

Natural means ;ordinary daily things.For example,like my hair is natural, my legs are natural my ears are natural.

What does in case mean?

It means "in the event of" or "if [something] happens".    Caution: Many people mistakenly write "incase", which isn't a valid  English word!

From nature what does Emerson mean by nature?

In Ralph Waldo Emerson's Nature, Emerson first introduces the concept of "nature" in the first chapter. He sees nature as something that is always there, but not necessarily a

What does it mean when case closed on criminal case?

In police jargon, a case is 'closed' when it is solved either by arrest, or "by other means." For instance: when the perpetrator is known beyond a reasonable doubt but cannot
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What does natural mean in your hair is natural?

"Natural" means you do not do anything to manipulate your  black/African American hair to change its texture (i.e. perm,  relaxer, smoother, texturizer, etc. anything that r