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This means that playing is a crucial stage in the brain development of any young animal.
It is a chance to act out the situations that they will have to face in real life, but in a safe, controlled way.
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What do you mean by a biological environment?

Biological environment is the environment where life forms can exist. The sum of environments where life forms exist is called the biosphere, these includes a portion of land,

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Enzymes are biological catalysts. This means they speed up a chemical reaction, but are not broken down or changed by it. They lower the amount of energy required for a chemic

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  Anatomy   Astrobiology   Biochemistry   Bioinformatics   Botany   Cell biology   Ecology   Developmental biology   Evolutionary biology   Gene

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biological is a product used to induce immunity to various infectious deseases or noxious subtances of biological origin.

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If you're a woman, then any kid that you've given birth to is your biological child. If you're a man, then any kid that came from you getting a woman pregnant is your biologic

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