What does pp symbol mean on CA license plates?

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The letters PP in a triangle on the left of the plate?

It stands for "Press Photographer"

They are fairly rare. You need to show press credentials at the DMV to receive them, and pay extra each year.

Most media people don't bother with the plates anymore because police would rather see your LAPD issued "News Media Press Card" for I.D. anyway.
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What does DA symbol mean on Virginia license plates mean?

Drive-Away License Plate: Issued to persons delivering unladen motor vehicles under their own power from points of assembly or distribution. Issued to banks or lending institu

Is a front license plate mandatory in CA?

Regardless of the state - if it issues two license plates one MUST be shown on the front AND the rear of the vehicle to which it is assigned. Answer: Yes, in California a
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Have to have a license plate on a street bike in ca?

That depends upon what you are calling a "street bike". InCalifornia, non-motorized bicycles do not need a license plate. Ifit is a motorized bicycle, it does. Under Californ