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What does seafloor spreading have to do with the theory of continental drift?

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Seafloor Spreading helped move the Continents to their current location.
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How is seafloor spreading different from continental drift?

seafloor spreading is when molten material rises and cools down and  makes new seafloor, continental drift is the theory that the  continents were once together and the big

What is seafloor spreading that ''helps'' the theory of continental drift?

How seafloor spreading helps to explain the theory of continental drift is that wegener couldn't explain why and waht force caused the continents to move and so seafloor sprea

How does seafloor spreading support theory of continental drift?

Seafloor spreading is caused by two plates moving apart. This is caused by plate tectonics. Continental drift is also caused by plate tectonics. Therefore, we can conclude tha

How does continental drift and seafloor spreading support the theory of plate tectonics?

There are many observed geologic facts that support plate tectonics, most notably that we know that there are plates and we know that they are moving (e.g., the San Andreas Fa
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How does plate tectonics seafloor spreading and continental drift support Wegener's theory of Pangaea?

We know by scientific data that our earth's crust is not stable. We  know that the earth's plates are moving and how fast. By reverse  extrapolation, if we know what directi