What does sibling rivalry mean?

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It mean that siblings are rivals. Rivals means enemies. Siblings means brothers/sisters. So there you have it brother/sister enemies.
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What is the meaning of rivalry?

Answer . rivalry . Behavior where defeating opponents has a high priority. See also Competition.. Above retrieved from Answers.com. Viper1

How do you settle a sibling rivalry?

We are in our 60's distance of 6 years has not helped because the older sister does not want get passed pass sensitivities by saying that her husband would like us to come soc

How do you finish sibling rivalry in transformers decepticons?

Megatron vs. Optimus Prime fight. When low on health, say about half way, jet mode to lure Prime close to stuff to destroy but get him stuck somewhere so you have some time t

What is the main cause of sibling rivalries?

Sibling rivalry may have many causes, but most of them can be affected by parent involvement. In other words, if children aren't getting along well most of the time, parents c

Sibling rivalry and self-esteem?

Sibling rivalry can either hurt or help your self-esteem. If you are rivals over everything then someone is going to come out on top and that will help their self-esteem but i

Can verbal abuse be confused with sibling rivalry?

Yes, all kinds of sibling abuse, including verbal abuse, can be confused with sibling rivalry. Unfortunately, many parents are not as concerned as they should be when they see

What was the first sibling rivalry?

If you go by the Bible its Cain and Able. They are suppose to be the first siblings and Cain kills Able because God prefers Ables sacrifice.

What is meant by sibling rivalry?

sibling rivalry is when people in one side of the family have a big dispute over something either stupid or vary serious.

How do you cope with sibling rivalry?

You have to decide if you want to be a victim or someone who doesn't care. By not caring what the other sibling says to you, makes them more angry and will end up being a laug

Does sibling rivalry hurt?

Depends how far your willing to go to win ANSWER: Some sibling rivalry is normal, even inevitable, but when it gets physical , or is so mean-spirited it leaves emotional sc
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What kind of sibling rivalry is portrayed in Antigone?

The is very few sibling rivalry present in Antigone , however, the first seen I suppose could be some type of sibling rivalry. When Antigone tells her sister, Ismene, that sh
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Is there a sibling rivalry between judaism and christianity?

No, as they are not siblings in any sense of the word. There is nocontention of any sort, with the possible exception of the occasions whenadherents of the younger attempt to
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What are some solutions for intense sibling rivalry?

Severe sibling rivalry creates upheaval in the home and causes unbearable tension. It can be brought on by jealousy. The parents must make a concerted effort to treat both c