What does the elevator button PB stand for in Spanish?

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PB means Plant Baja which in English means Main Floor.
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Who sings the pretty PBS promo song with the lyrics 'going to stand on a mountain top spread my wings and fly'?

Answer to PBS promo music question . I emailed PBS and asked for information the music used in their curret promo montage. They've just posted back that the song is entitled Soar and the vocalist is Christina Aguilera.

What does SGS button stand for on your dash of your 97 Camaro?

SGS is second gear start and in icy or snowy weather it is safer to start out with the light on the button so as to take off in second and allow for more traction\n. \n Answer \n. \nOK I CALL Chevrolet Detroit, MI 1-800-222-1020 AND THEY DON'T HAVE THAT INFORMATION SO THEY LOOK UP UNDER MY ZIP CODE AND THEY CALL THE SERVICE DEALER IN MY AREA FOR A CHEVY/CAMARO 97 AND THEY DON'T HAVE THE ANSWER, I'M SURCHING FOR MORE INFO AND I WILL KEEP TRIYNG, DUE TO THAT I NEED TO KNOW AS WELL...SAVE YOU SOME TIME ON A PHONE CALLS....\n. \n Answer \n. \nOk I got it after few more calls I got the Answer and is: " Second Gear Start" now for what this is for? is my next project, but hey! we know what it means...\n. \nI have a camaro guru who hooks me up with all the info...he says it is second gear start, for improved handling, (traction control)

What are elevators?

elevators are machines installed in tall buildings ,to take people to upper floors in few seconds. Answer . el·e·va·tor (?l ' ?-v?'t?r) n. . A platform or an enclosure raised and lowered in a vertical shaft to transport people or freight. . The enclosure or platform with its operating equipment, motor, cables, and accessories. . A movable control surface, usually attached to the horizontal stabilizer of an aircraft, that is used to produce motion up or down. . A mechanism, often with buckets or scoops attached to a conveyor, used for hoisting materials. . A granary equipped with devices for hoisting and discharging grain. . Above retrieved from Answers.com Viper1

What does the USMC Dress Blues buttons stand for?

The thirteen stars represent the original 13 colonies. The Marine emblem includes the Eagle ( represents our Nation), the Globe (represents our worldwide service), and the anchor (represents Marines close ties with the Navy-the Marine Corps is a department of the Navy).. J. Noroflk, SgtMaj USMC Retired

What does pb stand for?

its a designer company they make bags, purses, clothes, shoes, makeup, jewellery and lots more. That and peanut butter

Why can't Jewish people touch elevator buttons?

Most days of the year Jews can press elevator buttons. However, on Shabbat/Shabbos (the Jewish Sabbath), Friday from sundown until Saturday after twilight; and Jewish Holidays (a list of which you can find at http://www.answers.com/topic/jewish-holiday ), Jews are forbidden from closing electric circuits and putting on lights - as part of the 39 categories of "work" that they may not do on holy days (Exodus 31:13-17; Talmud, Shabbat 73b). (See a list of these categories on http://www.answers.com/topic/39-categories-of-activity-prohibited-on-shabbat ) Pressing elevator buttons would violate the prohibition of not doing "work" on these holy days.

How do elevator buttons work?

When you press the button, a microswitch creates a circuit. That circuit sends a signal to the elevator controller, which is a computer that runs the elevator. Instantly, the controller powers the light inside the button, which is usually an LED. At the same time, the elevator is dispatched to your location based on a mathematical formula. Once the elevator arrives, the LEDs in the button are turned off. Buttons vary greatly, but a generally divided into vandal resistant or plastic. Vandal resistance is typically defined as a metal button that lands on solid metal when depressed. See www.epco.us for examples of many kinds of buttons.

What is the elevator earthquake button?

The button is used to allow the elevator doors to be open in a safe way and allow the building security etc. to know you are there and need rescue.

Does repeatedly pushing an elevator button make the elevator come sooner?

No. Pressing the button once will tell the control logic that a rider is waiting for the lift. It will respond by stopping the next upgoing or downgoing car on that floor. It's that simple..

The symbole Pb stands for?

Pb in chemistry stands for Lead, an element whose name in Latin is Plumbum (hence, Pb).

What does Ud stand for in spanish?

It is an abbreviation for Usted which itself is a contraction of Vuestra Merced (ie your grace)

What is in a elevator?

Cab, control panel, lights, floor, walls, certificate, handles,floor buttons, door buttons, alarm, phone, fan, brand name,lanterns, and ceiling.

A 70.0 kg person stands on a scale in an elevator. What does it read when the elevator is accelerating upward at 5.5 ms2?

Scale already reads 70 kg when elevator is at rest. Thisis Gravity Force down (Fg), plus Normal force (n) up. Now, force onthe man in the upward direction from accelerating up (force E) =mass of the man x acc. of the lift in the upward direction = 70x5.5 N = 385 N. Now force of gravity (Fg) = 70 x9.8 N = 686 N. Plus the normal force (n) -whichkeeps him falling through floor of elevator - is also acting on him= 686 N (same as gravity in up direction). . So, F(y) = Elevator (Up) 385 (up) + Normal (up)686 N - Gravity (down) 686 N. Therefore net force in the upwarddirection (against bottom of scale-floor) = (+385 + 686 - 686) N =385 N. Hence the reading of the scale has extra = (385N).Scale is calibrated for "g = 9.8 m/ss". So, (385 / 9.8m/ss) kg =39.3 kg extra. So, 39.3 kg (extra) + 70 kg (original) = 109.3 kg.This is why you feel heavier when elevator goes up.

Why do you have elevators?

can someone climb 30 floors to an office every day ? of course not . we can have high buildings because we have elevators

In chemistry Pb stand for?

Lead. Scientific name, plumbum (pronounced, plum as in the fruit and bum as in anus) :P

What is the weight of a 50kg man stands on the floor of an elevator descends with an acceleration of 2ms2?

If you stand in a lift that is accelerating downwards at a rate of 2 m s -2 , you will experience an apparent upthrust that acts against your weight. Your weight (the force that acts in a downward direction due to gravity) is: W = m g = mass x gravitational field strength On Earth, g is about 9.8 N kg -1 or 9.8 m s -2 (both units are equivalent) W = 50 kg x 9.8 N kg -1 = 490 N (in a downward direction) The upward force due to your acceleration is given by Newton's second law: F = m a = mass x acceleration = 50 kg x 2 m s -2 = 100 N (in an upward direction) So the overall weight you feel is the difference between them. So: W = 490 - 100 = 390 N

A 400 Newtons person stands on a scale in an elevator What does it read when the elevator is at rest?

We must use: (Force) = (Mass) x (Acceleration) Force = 400 N Acceleration = 9.8 m/(s^2) Mass = M 400 N = ( M ) x ( 9.8 m/(s^2)) After calculating, we find the mass of the man to be 40.82 kg.

If you are standing on a scale in the elevator and the elevator starts to go up what will happen to the scale?

the weight on the scales will go up because gravity is pulling you down as the elevator pushes you up.

What does dejame solo stand for in spanish?

"Déjame solo" is Spanish for "leave me alone". It is pronounced "DAY-ha-may SO-low". Please see this site for confirmation of the translation: http://www.answers.com/library/Translations

If A person weighing 400 newtons stands on a scale on a elevator what will it read if the elevator is at rest?

if you take the force of gravity as 9.8 then the scales will read 40.8kg but if you take the force of gravity as 10 then the sscales will read 40kg

If a person stands on a scale and the elevator goes up will the scale reading increase or decrease?

It will increase! if the elevator is moving with a constant velocity, then there will be no change in the reading as no acc. will be caused. but if the body moves downwards wit a uniform acc. of say suppose x m/s^2, then the weight if the body will decrease by F=m x a(of the lift) as the two vectors will be in the opp direction, i.e. downwards. the opposite applies when the when the body acc. in an upward direction, the vectors will be in an same direction and it will result in the scale reading turing up more! remmember, a sacle measures the upward force aka reaction force

What does the Spanish abbreviation Mo stand for?

It's the same as "th" in 7th and 10th. 7mo and 10mo are abbrevitions of séptimo and décimo, respectively.

How do you say stand cancer in Spanish?

There's supposed to be an accent on the "a". It's spelled exactly the same though. Cancer.

What do you do in Myst when the blue button in the elevator behind the bookshelf is taking you nowhere besides the library?

you have to close the door first (clik on the lift door), then it will take you up.

How do you spell stand up in spanish?

"Stand up" in Spanish is "Levántase". It is pronounced "Lay-BAHN-tah-say". Please see the Related link below for confirmation of the translation.

A 75.0 kg person is standing on a scale in an elevator What is the reading of the scale in newtons if the elevator is at rest?

The answer would just be the weight converted into Newtons because the question is asking for the Weight force, so the weight needs to multiplied by the force of gravity, 9.8

What is the stand by button on gears of war?

Okay theres a thing called your penis click/press it and white stuff comes out and go's on the xbox 360 controller. it does it for you.

If A person weighing 75 kg stands on a scale on a elevator what will it read if the elevator is at rest?

well I would say using newtonian mechanics he would weight as F=M x g, 75x9.7 which equals 727.5 newtons.

Which button did Willy Wonka press in the glass elevator?

on which part the one when mike teevee was there or when the up and out part

What is a shuffle button on an elevator?

Here is the answer directly from Otis: " The Shuffle button is used only by Otis Technicians when they need to change the placement of the lower/upper deck elevators. It allows them to safely board the lower deck car top from the main lobby. A special code is required from the Elevator management system to allow shuffle operation to be activated." Keep in mind that the elevators in question are double-decked and serve two floors at once.

What does PBS and par stand for?

PBS: Planed Both Sides PAR: Planed All Round Both these terms are used to describe Ready-machined wood.

What does Pb stand for in gas?

Pb is an abbreviation for Lead. Sometimes used in certain lamps. When the lamp start up, it melts the lead and keeps heating it up until it turnes into a gas. As a gasform, lead radiates a lot of light given little energy. Most of these lamps has got some sort of filters attached to them because they radiate a lot of InfraRed light and wavelengts of light that can cause cancer. Regards.

What did the WIN buttons stand for?

During the Ford administration, inflation was seen as a looming financial problem to the US economy. A program was started to Whip Inflation Now - had popular buttons, but not much else.

Does the close door button on a Otis elevator work?

No, it doesn't. I was told that it was for people that have OCD so that they would feel better.

What does the button abbreviated to 'ctrl' on a computer keyboard stand for?

I have always thought it stood for Control but I have heard people refer to it as Central.

Why do you have to write Pb instead of PB?

because if you were to write PB then it would be a compound not a single element while Pb is lead.

What is a Head Light button from PB Co which was patented Dec 9 1924 worth?

Headlight was an overall and workwear co. that became Carhartt. Its a button off of those. The buttons were made by patent button & co. .

What does Pb on a book format stands for?

Most likely it means "paperback". It could also mean "perfect bound", a particular style of paperback.

What is the acceleration of an elevator if a student stands on bathroom scale in the elevator and the scales reads 836 newtons and the elevator is moving upward?

We have no way to calculate that, unless you also tell us either his mass, or else his weight on motionless ground, like when the scale is on the bathroom floor.

What does the Spanish word SABIO stand for?

Depending on context it can mean (mostly) either "wise" or "learned" (as in a scientist, for instance). "Sabio" has the same root as the verb "saber", which means "to know".

What does aka mi amor stand for in spanish?

If you were speaking with someone from south america it may have been "Aca" which would make the whole sentence "Here my love"

What do the 13 buttons on the sailors pants stand for?

In 1864, crackerjack trousers were designed with a "broadfall," or flap, held in place by seven of these easily replaced fasteners. After a slight length increase of the broadfall in 1894 - possibly linked to the average sailor's weight - six buttons were added for symmetrical design and to prevent an unwanted unveiling of the wearer.

What is one disadvantage of hunting from an elevated stand?

There are a few disadvantages of hunting from an elevated stand.One disadvantage is that the weapon may not angle correctly.

Does it hurt to get your belly button piersed if you cant stand pain?

All piercings hurt to some degree. I've heard from a few piercers that navel piercings are really easy to get. As in they dont really hurt. However, if you have a low pain tolerance, it might be a little more painful for you. No real definitive answer obviously :)

Is a woman pushing an elevator button exerting a force?

yes her finger is the (act)i(on) the movement of the elevator is a re(act)i(on) (con)firm(in)g the (quest)i(on)ed (for)ce

What does the Spanish word booto stand for?

boto/a (adjective) = blunt, dull of understanding boto (noun) = wineskin; large gut filled with butter

How do you say standing by in spanish?

There is no direct translation to the English phrase "stand by" meaning to be waiting for instruction or just to wait. Basically the phrase translates as "Wait" or "Waiting for your instructions" Esperando sus instrucciones. The words "standing by" meaning literally to stand by an objcet like "standing by the mailbox" would be "de pie al lado de" On foot next to...

What does nena stand for in spanish?

Una niñita; una mujer joven - a little girl, a young girl.. Un apelativo cariñoso para una mujer, casi siempre joven, que es la novia de algún muchacho = an affectionate term for a woman, almost always young, who is the girlfriend of some boy..

How do you say Jane is standing in Spanish?

Jane se tiene derecho Jane esta de pie There are many more possibilities. More context/detail mighthelp.

What does pov stand for pbs pov movies?

pov most often means point of view. In the sense of a pov movie it would be a movie narrated by one specific person and told in the way they see it. You get a feel for their opinions and bias.