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What does the elevator button PB stand for in Spanish?

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PB means Plant Baja which in English means Main Floor.
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Why does Pb stand for lead?

The abbreviation Pb for lead comes from it's original Latin name plumbum.

What is a shuffle button on an elevator?

Here is the answer directly from Otis: "The Shuffle button is used only by Otis Technicians when they need to change the placement of the lower/upper deck elevators. It allows

What does Pb on a book format stands for?

Most likely it means "paperback". It could also mean "perfect bound", a particular style of paperback.

What is the elevator earthquake button?

  The button is used to allow the elevator doors to be open in a safe way and allow the building security etc. to know you are there and need rescue.

In chemistry Pb stand for?

Lead. Scientific name, plumbum (pronounced, plum as in the fruit and bum as in anus) :P
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What does PBS and par stand for?

PBS: Planed Both Sides PAR: Planed All Round Both these terms are used to describe Ready-machined wood.
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How do elevator buttons work?

When you press the button, a microswitch creates a circuit. That circuit sends a signal to the elevator controller, which is a computer that runs the elevator. Instantly, the