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The name Harry can come from at least two sources. One is of course as a pet name for Henry, which in turn derives from Germanic (Old High German Heim "home" + Rich "rule"), and whose various forms internationally are German Heinrich, Dutch He(n)drik and its variants Henk, Hank, Ger. Hin(d)rik, Hinrich, Hinnerk, Hinderk, Jendrik, Jindrich (the source of Newt Gingerich?), En(d)rik, Endric, Endrich, Scandinavian Erik, French Henri, Italian Enrico, Spanish Enrique, Arrigo. The other source could be Germanic Heriwald ("army chief", later "herald") and its variants, Ger. Herald, Herold, Scandinavian Harald, British Harold, Araldo.

* '''Gender: Male''' * '''Origin: English''' * '''Meaning: Army Ruler'''
the meaning of the name in Army Ruler. The pet form of Henry from the Middle Ages and later
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