What does the suffix -ite mean?

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"-ite" (in the non-chemical sense) means "one connected with" or "one descended from."

This definition only applies to its use as a suffix (added to the end of a word to form a new word) not simply as a string of letters in words such as site, mite, etc.

Some examples of words that use the -ite suffix:


It is often used to refer to adherents to a particular belief or person. One might, for example, call a supporter of Hillary Clinton a "Clintonite."


A very interesting word in those regards is the word Elite.
El is a semitic word for god.
One should use his own judgment to determine wether the most widespread belief that Elite derives from Latin eligere, "to elect", holds true when it is a fact that most parts of the El-ite does not get elected but is born.
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