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What does the word natural light mean?

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Natural light means the light that comes from nature. Example: the sun, the moon, the stars...... The sun is the main source of natural light. the sun both lights and warms our world. Life on Earth could not exist without the sun.
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What does the word light mean in the Bible?

The Scriptures contain many figurative references to light. Ability to see is meant by the words "the light of my own eyes." (Ps 38:10) For God to "give light" to someone mean

What does the statement 'Light is said to have a dual wave particle nature' mean?

It means that if you design an experiment to detect the behavior of particles, and run light through it, light behaves as if it's made of particles. And if you design an exper

What does the word light mean in science?

Light is electromagnetic radiation. Typically, when people refer to  "light", they are talking about visible light (the small range of  frequencies of electromagnetic radati

What is the nature of light?

Nature of light : Light has wave-particle duality . If you didn't understand this answer you may move to another similiar question such as : what is the precise nature of ligh

Light is said to have a dual wave-particle nature what does this mean?

Light is made up of 'virtual' particles called 'photons'. These photons are really packets of energy. But due to this dual wave-particle nature they sometimes act like particl