What does this Bible verse mean I have written unto you young men because ye are strong and the word of God abideth in you and ye have overcome the wicked one?

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When you are young, God blesses you with physical strength, not to be used in unproductive living. But rather using your God given strength to be a good worker, love your parents as you help them to the best of your ability. Forsake riotous living, and enjoy what God gives your strength for. Such as appropriate fun activities with wholesome friendships. Serving him in your youth before you get old, as you age you come to realize that you have created a path of knowledge on how to truly live. This is why God now says he calls the old because they know the way. There are a variety of scriptures that bring foundation to my statements.

Get a references bible book and look up young and old. The elderly have experiences that help young people to remain grounded, level headed, and they give guidance/ information on how to address challenges in life and overcome them . The old knows they way. Those who have followed my aforementioned statements and lived them are now qualified to empower the strong youth beyond physical strength, but also empower them mentally and most definitely spiritually. Briefly, an elderly person who lived through the Titanic can teach us survival in the most tragic situations, someone who experienced the depression years can teach us how to survive and eat wisely during a recession, someone who lived through war, can teach us how to prepare. An older person who has a heart to hear clearly the voice of God can most definitely - show you the way and give evidence that God is real.

Unfortunately in our society we push them aside, roll them away and even abuse the very human beings who has all the answers to a chaotic world that God has provided for the purpose of peace, tranquility and victory for young and old, if we just listen to the old who truly know the way.
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