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What does to blaze or not to blaze mean?

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to smoke weed, or to not smoke weed
"blazing it" usually refers to smoking marijuana,cannibus,pot,buda,reefer...and any other of the hundred names it has

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What does getting blazed mean?

basically it means getting high on drugs

Blaze the cat?

Blaze is a SonicCharacter first game was Sonic Rush were she is the grenadine of the sol Emerald and after Eggman steals them she be-gives to fight Eggman. She is joined by Cr

Does Sonic love Blaze?

Yes. they do everything together. it's obvious

How old is blaze the cat?

Blaze, Silver and Chip (Light Gaia) are all as old as Earth. They have been around billions of years to protect from Dark Gaia, Fix the past and guard the first ever chaos eme

What is Blaze?

Is to smoke weed and it a slang or informal. It is so in high school the teachers don't understand what type of blaze it is. So it can trick the teacher. It can not not make y

What is Beyblade sol blaze?

Sol Blaze V145AS is a beyblade that appeared in the movie Metal Fight Beyblade vs The sun/ sol blaze. it's owner is called Helios. There are 3 types. Red, Eclipse , Gold all w

Is Blaze the cat Dead?

No. It looked like Blaze died in Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 but she actually went to another dimension, leaving Silver sad and alone.

What is a blaze for horses?

  A blaze is a strip of white running down from the forehead, in between the eyes, and down to the nose.

Does blaze like sonic?

she love silver Blaze and Sonic are just allies. true they could be just friends also true sonic and blaze as lovers?Never thought of that.I knew that blaze is in love w