What does tutu mean in maori?

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tutu: be inquisitive, to 'tinker' with things, be mischievous
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What is a tutu?

A tutu is a short, decorative, often frilly, outer skirt worn by ballet dancers.

What does of mean in maori?

'Of'. Ngati Kahungunu (descendant of Kahungunu). Te whare o Tama - the house of Tama.. Te ngeru a Mere - the cat of Mere.

What does maori mean?

The word 'māori' (the macron over the 'a' denoting a long vowel sound or else spelt 'maaori' to again ensure correct pronounciation) simply means: 1. (stative) be nativ

What does tutu mean in the hawaiian language?

You can use for grandma or grandpa. Tutu is used for both. The formal way of at least understanding which grandparent you are referring to is by saying Tutu Kane ('kane' prono

What did justice mean to desmond tutu?

Desmond tutu believed that people would look after the black as well as the white, No fighting, having faith!, To not hold punishment and always believe in your self.

Where can you get tutus from?

You can buy tutus in many different places. You can buy it on the internet on many different sites in you search "ballet tutus." You can also find it at your local ballet shop

What is tutu iN maori?

to play with something 'Ko koe he tutu' you are a fiddler. 'Kaua e tutu' Dont fiddle around (or - dont touch)

Where can you get a tutu?

There are various costume suppliers that make them, but also you could try dance stores or online stores, even Ebay. You can make your own decorative tutu using lace or tulle.