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It means "extract from a zip file."
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How do you unzip a file?

You should have software to unzip your data (one version is thelongtime utility WinZip). You can get this software free on theinternet. Download one of them and install it fir

What do you do after you unzip a file?

Read it.. If you click on the unzipped file it should start up the appropriate software to read it. But in some cases you may not have the software required.

Where does a DNA unzip?

Down the middle, at the binding site of the base pairs.

How do you unzip ISO's?

Simply use any archiver. You didn't mention the platform, so I'llreccomend you B1 Free Archiver - it is available on Windows, Mac,Ubuntu and Android.

What does it mean when you have a dream about someone unzipping their body and you come out of them?

This unusual dream is a metaphor, illustrating the dreamer's feeling of having been absorbed or completely wrapped up in another person. The image might also reflect dominance

What does unzip means in computer language?

A group of files compressed into one file using the "ZIP" algorithm is known as a zip file. This file can be read as a single file and is handy for sending or uploading said g
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What does it mean to be unzipped?

Unzipped has many meanings. When you hear that word you automatically think about getting undressed but the days it also means decompressing or extracting files.