What does wi fi capable mean?

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It means the device has the capabilities to use wi-fi.
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What is wi-fi?

Wi-Fi is a wireless technology brand owned by the Wi-Fi Alliance intended to improve the interoperability of wireless local area network products based on the IEEE 802.11 standards. Common applications for Wi-Fi include Internet and VoIP phone access, gaming, and network connectivity for consumer (MORE)

How do you get Wi-Fi on Nintendo DS?

You go on a game that supports Wi-Fi then go onto Nintendo WFC settings (it will probably be in multiplayer). make a new wi-fi connection (it is easier to search for one click on the one that is your wi-fi. then follow the on-screen instructions. Hope this helps.

What is the meaning of wi fi?

Technology that uses radio waves to allow devices to exchange information without wires. It is commonly used to enable mobile internet access.. ---. "WI FI" is a neologism (new word) that represents a play on the old slang "Hi Fi", which originally meant "high fidelity" (music) and was generally a (MORE)

How you get Nintendo Wi-Fi?

Answer . I'm not sure if this is for a Wii or a DS. But for the you can connect to a router. Or you can go buy a nifty little gadget that is much, MUCH cheaper than a router, at game stop. It will help you connect to the internet.

How do you get Pokemon from wi-fi?

To get a Pokemon from your wi-fi you have to access the points to reached there to get there somehow at your locations where you at.Diamond and Pearl can be the firsts to be implements at it.

What is a wi fi?

wireless internet: for example you are able to use the internet on a laptop in your home without connecting it to a modem

What does the acronym wi-fi stand for?

Wireless Fidelity (or to be more accurate, nothing , since it is just a catchy sounding meaningless word that is used to refer to wireless internet access for lack of any better alternatives.). See: http://www.boingboing.net/2005/11/08/wifi-isnt-short-for-.html

How do you wi-fi in Pokemon pearl?

go to the global trade centre in jubilife city or go to the bottom of any Pokemon center and meet your friends on wi-fi e.g battle, trade....

What is a WI-fi?

Wi-Fi is a trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance, founded in 1999 as WECA (Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance). The organisation comprises more than 300 companies, whose products are certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance, based on the IEEE 802.11 standards (also called WLAN (Wireless LAN) and Wi-Fi). Thi (MORE)

What does Wi Fi mean?

"WI FI" is a neologism (new word) that represents a play on the old slang "Hi Fi", which originally meant "high fidelity" (music) and was generally applied to phonographs and the vinyl records played on them. "WI FI" would therefore be "wireless high fidelity", consisting of broadband wireless route (MORE)

How do you get WI FI?

Either buy a computer with wifi connection or buy a wireless capable component to add to your existing computer. This will allow your computer to receive wifi signals. Half the battle. In order to receive a wifi signal the wifi signal must be transmitted from somewhere. Many places such as c (MORE)

Where can you get wi fi?

Wi-fi hotpots seem to be omnipresent these days. You can find them in every commercial fast-food joint, starbucks®, library, hotels, and even in your neighbor's houses. The public ones are free, and many people take on the activity known as "wardriving" to map out all these hotspots throughout (MORE)

What does a wi-fi do?

Wifi allows you to trade or battle with registered friends from far away. In Platinum version there are other uses. In platinum you can play games, share battle videos, and other cool stuff.

What does it mean for a wireless networking device to be Wi-Fi compliant?

By definition, a wireless networking device is Wi-Fi compliant. Wi-Fi is simply another name for wireless networking. There are different wireless networking standards that mostly determine the speed at which data can be transferred, but it sounds to me as though this statement of being compliant (MORE)

Compare and contrast the capabilities of Wi-Fi and 3G wireless networks?

\n3G is a fixed speed (5-15mbit/s) and has almost total coverage (as opposed to other services such as EDGE, which is slower and has spotty coverage at best).\n. \nWifi network speed can be 11 mbit/s (802.11b), 54 mbit/s (802.11g), or 600 mbit/s (802.11n), depending on the router. However, the inte (MORE)

What do you mean by wi-fi connection?

A wi-fi connection is a wireless connection. Imagine a regular modem, which is connected by a wire to the phone point at one end, and the PC at the other. Wi-fi is when this setup is wireless, the router is still wired to the phone point, but it gives off a signal to which other devices can connect (MORE)

What is wi fi wristband?

A wifi wristbad is a wristband that enables you to have free internet connection wherever you may be situated. I hear 3 teenage boys in County Limerick, Ireland are attempting to make one. What a great bunch of young fellows

How do you get wi fi in ds?

On a Nintendo DS and DSLite, start a game that can connect to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and follow the instructions to launch the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Setup. Before starting, make sure you are in range of the wireless network that you want to connect to. 1. Select "Nintendo Wi-Fi Connectio (MORE)

Does the PS3 connect to wi-fi?

All PS3 consoles were built to be able to connect to the internet using WiFi except the first 20 GB PS3 model. All the ads showing features for the PS3 state Online connectivity requires broadband internet service and network devices such as a DSL or cable modem. Most people who have this also requi (MORE)

Wi-Fi bridge to Ethernet?

A Wi-Fi bridge is essentially a receiver for a Wi-Fi signal (i.e. connection) originating from a Wi-Fi hotspot (i.e Wi-Fi router) that it splits (or shares) with a number of units (e.g. desktops, printers) to which it is wired by ethernet cables. The Wi-Fi bridge itself is connected to the hotspot (MORE)

Does the nexus one have wi-fi?

the nexus one can use 802.11b and g and it is capable of using n but google have yet to activate it it seems the hardware is there for it

What do you do with the wi fi?

These are some things you can do if you have Wi-Fi. In Wii, (Mario Kart) you can race people you have never met, or in DS (I dunno, pokemon, maybe) you can trade, battle all around the world. Or if your friend is on te other side of the world, then just email her and when you both are online then yo (MORE)

Can you use bbm with wi-fi?

ONLY if you have a Data Plan to setup access to the RIM servers which is provided by your local mobile company. You need this be setup, meaning the only way to use bbm on wifi is to have a dataplan active which grants you authorization to the RIM servers to retrieve your PIN ties to that phone. Kind (MORE)

How do you get Wi-Fi service?

Press the Wi-Fi icon on your iPad, phone, iPod, etc. Then type in the password or if it is open Wi-Fi then press connect.

Does the genio touch have wi-fi?

No, the genio touch (corby) does not have wifi but the genio slide (corby pro) does, it also has a slide keyboard but costs more.

How do you get Internet on your ipod with out wi-fi?

You can't. WiFi is the only way for iPod touch to get internet. However, there are ways around this. Starbucks and McDonalds both offer free wireless Internet in the building, but if you don't live near one, and don't have wireless in your home, you can get Internet tethering from another phone. How (MORE)

Who provides Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi can be provided by anyone with a high-speed internet connection, a computer, and a wireless router (DSL or Cable internet). However, private Wi-Fi routers can be locked and require a password. Many companies nowadays provide free Wi-Fi at their place of business, and are known as Wi-Fi hots (MORE)

Why wi-fi is called wi-fi?

Wi-fi stands for Wireless fidelity, The term Wi-Fi was created by the Wi-Fi Alliance, which oversees testing on a product, a product that passes the alliance tests is "Wi-Fi certified"

What is the wi-fi password for linksys?

Wireless internet is local, so "linksys" is someone else's wireless internet that is next to you that someone (e.g. next door neighbor) is paying for, so distributing the password would be illegal. In other words, if you want wireless internet, either go to Starbucks, go to a friend's house, or j (MORE)

How can you get wi-fi for ipod touch?

If you are near a wi-fi router, go to settings and find wifi and turn it on then select the wifi you would like to use. If it's password protected you must know the oassword

What is the wi-fi password for 2wire355?

I dont know. Maybe you should ask a older sibling or your parents. I, myself, is trying to find the password to 2WIRE532. Nobody on the internet seems to know.. so, trying to look it up on the internet? A waste of time. :( Sorry.

What was wi-fi used for?

Wi-fi is used for various reasons. In gaming, it can be used to connect to other consoles and play online games together.

How do you conect into nentendo wi-fi?

Nintendo wifi? you need to be specific. say wii or DS or even Gameboy(if you still own one) , otherwise noone can help you. Nintendo has a wide range of products so we need specific details and in good readable English please , if you can

What does it mean ipad wi-fi only?

It means you can only use it in places they have wifi like aninternet cafe or maybe a libary. But most people use it in theirhomes as they have wifi. 3g means you can use it anywhere wherethere is a cellular data basically phone signal.

Does the Apple Ibook G3 500 laptop have wi-fi capabilities?

The 500MHz iBook G3 has the option of adding an Airport card (802.11b) to add wi-fi to the computer but it was not included as standard. As the computer is over 10 years old and Airport cards have been through many design revisions you will need to ensure you are getting the right card to fit the co (MORE)