What does wi fi capable mean?

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It means the device has the capabilities to use wi-fi.
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What is the meaning of wi fi?

Technology that uses radio waves to allow devices to exchange information without wires. It is commonly used to enable mobile internet access.. ---. "WI FI" is a neologism (

What does Wi Fi mean?

"WI FI" is a neologism (new word) that represents a play on the old slang "Hi Fi", which originally meant "high fidelity" (music) and was generally applied to phonographs and

What do you mean by wi-fi connection?

A wi-fi connection is a wireless connection. Imagine a regular modem, which is connected by a wire to the phone point at one end, and the PC at the other. Wi-fi is when this s
In iPad

What does it mean ipad wi-fi only?

It means you can only use it in places they have wifi like aninternet cafe or maybe a libary. But most people use it in theirhomes as they have wifi. 3g means you can use it a