What equipment is used to make video games?

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Hardware wise you would need a good computer and Programming software. If you are looking to make Console games then you would have to have a license to do so from the make of the console, you would also need to have a good understanding of the console that you are making games for.
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What math skills are used to make video games?

Making video games requires several key skills, all of which require some knowledge of math. Occupations in the video game field are divided into several professions. One of t

What software do you use to make video games with?

There are many kinds of software out there but some free ones are "UDK"(Unreal Development Kit), and the "Unity" game engine. But if you're creating the 3-D mold and sculpture

What equipment is used to make videos?

Cameras, studios, sound makers, green screens, actors, animations, props, moving machines, robots, film, microphones, headsets, music, different wires and connections, compute

How do you make video game videos?

Easy man! Just get a camera and video tape or you can use a digitalcam that attaches to the computer. This allows you to upload tosocial graph sites at world wide locations. K

What type of equipment do you need to make a video?

If you are making a video of yourself ( for reasons such as vlogs, video tuts, etc), a webcam is highly recommended. You can also do without a webcam by using a normal camcord