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What explains why the game of economics does not have a single goal?

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Different people want different things out of life.
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What is the goal of economic competition?

The goal of economic competition is better goods at lower prices for everyone.

What are the three economic goals?

The three economic goals are Economic Efficiency (maximize production with resources available without overproduction), Economic Growth (must grow to keep up with population a

In economics a goal of a firm is?

The goals are: 1) Profit Maximisation 2) Cost minimisation 3) Technological Advancement 4) Return on investment 5) Customer Satisfaction. Bas that's enough......

Explain the four major economic goals?

The four major economic goals that must be achieved by every country is : Price stability Faster economic growth then population Equitable distribution of income and wea

What are Economic goals of a traditional economy?

1. Full employment  2. Price stability  3. Satisfactory rate of economic growth  4. Free trade with other nations  5. Correct distribution of income  6. Efficient allocat

What are seven economic goals?

Seven Economic Goals are... 1) Economic Freedom 2)Economic Efficiency 3)Economic Equity 4)Economic Security 5)Full Employment 6)Price Stability 7)Economic Growth

What were the economic goals of the Middle East?

After independence, a major goal of Middle Eastern nations was to reduce European economic influence.