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What explains why the game of economics does not have a single goal?

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Different people want different things out of life.
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Most goals scored by a single player in a hockey game?

7 - Joe Malone, Quebec, January 31, 1920, at Quebec is the most in NHL history. Joe Malone, was the greatest scorer in the early history of the NHL, Malone began playing pr

Most goals scored in a single nhl game?

The most goals scored in a hockey ranks up to a 16-3 win for theMontreal Canadiens against the Quebec Bulldogs ( Quebec dos nothave a NHL hockey team) on March the 3rd 1920

What is the most goals kicked in an AFL game by a single player?

Fred Fanning kicked 18 goals, 1 behind in 1947 Jason Dunstall kicked 17.5 goals in 1992 Laurie Nash: Back in the 1934, when interstate carnivals were played in state versus

Explain the four major economic goals?

The four major economic goals that must be achieved by every country is : Price stability Faster economic growth then population Equitable distribution of income and wea