What food ingredients are in couscous?

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Cous Cous is made from fine quality Durum Wheat, it is milled into fine semolina.
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What is couscous?

Couscous is a berber dish which is made up of mostly speherical granules. Couscous is a widely used ingredient in countries such as the United States and Egypt. Further, it is

Can you get food poisoning from couscous?

You can get "Food Poisoning" from just about anything that you eat, its a very broad term used by hospitals and the CDC (Center of Disease Control) to define an illness suffer

Where is couscous from?

couscous is from North africa . it needs cold weather to survive and tastes beutiful!

If pasta's ingredients are eggs water and wheat while couscous is made from bulgur wheat how can couscous be pasta?

Pasta does not have to contain eggs. It is an unleavened (no-rise) dough made with wheat, water, and sometimes eggs. Couscous is made by taking coarse ground grain (barley, se

Is couscous an afghan food?

No couscous is from North Africa particularly Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria. The word applies both to the seed like pasta which is steamed over the meat stew that it is served

What carbohydrate food is couscous?

Couscous was originally made from millet; it is now usually by crushing durum wheat; it is a type of semolina. It can also be bought in the pasta section of stores in the form


yeah some are anyway like eggs they sometimes taste good and sometimes don't