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What fraction of 1kg is 483g?

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1 kg = 1,000 g

483 g = 483/1000 kg = 0.483 kg
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What is the fraction of 110g of 1kg?

You need to convert kilograms to grams to find this fraction. A  thousand grams is equal to one kilogram, so 110 grams divided by  1000 grams is equal to 11/100 or 11 percen

What fraction of 2kg is 1kg 500g?

"Kilo" means 1000, so 2 kg is 2000 grams, 1 kg + 500 grams is 1500 grams. The fraction, therefore, is 1500 / 2000. Now you only need to simplify it.

What Fraction Of 1kg Is 250g?

250 g/1000 g (1 kg) = 25% or 1/4