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What is the target group for medical insurance sales?

  Answer     Anyone with $$$, even those that don't can get Healthy Families or Medi-Cal, medicaid.     Answer     In most states medical insuranc

What is group life insurance?

  Group life insurance     Group life insurance is written for employee groups, unions, creditors, and other similar groups to provide insurance coverage to a num

What if an adjustable target life insurance policy?

WHAT???? Updated: I think the asker meant what IS an adjustable target LI policy. An adjustable premium life insurance product is universal life. These terms are synonomous. T

What is group term life insurance?

Group term life insurance is a form of life insurance protection provided by an employer for its employees. A group term life policy is usually issued for a period of one year

Group term life insurance definition?

  Group term life insurance is a one year coverage that is renewable at the end of each year.   The group plan is subject to experience rating, so the premium rate upon

Do you have to fill out an application for group life insurance?

  Yes. You may not be required to answer any health related questions as group life insurance is often guaranteed issued. The application at a minimum will include your na