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What happens to a bee after it stings someone depends on whether it was able to pull the sting out of the victim. If it can, the bee will just fly away and no harm comes to it.
By a cruel trick of evolution, a bee's sting is barbed, and animal flesh is elastic and tends to grip the sting so it is likely that as the bee tries to pull away the sting is pulled out from the bee's abdomen together with the venom sac and the muscles which pump the venom. The bee will then fly away, but its injuries are such that it will die from them somewhere between an hour and a day after.
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Do bees return for their sting after stinging someone?

No. European honeybees permenantly lose their stinger after stinging a victim, and the bee dies. The Africanized honeybee (the "killer bee") does not lose its stinger and can

Why does a bee die after stinging someone?

The stinger of a bee has barbs and these enter a person's skin when they are stung. When the bee tries to move away after stinging, the barbs hold tight into the person's skin

Do honey comb bees sting?

Yes, however, the stinger is actually a modified ovipositor. An ovipositor is the body part, or device a queen bee uses to lay eggs. She can also use it as a stinger. Worker b

Do honey bees sting each other?

  It can happen. They won't sting members of their own colony, but if bees from another colony try to enter the hive to steal the honey the guard bees will sting them. A

Why do bees die after they sting someone?

Bees die when they sting you because when they sting you their stingers get caught in your skin. When they fly away, their guts are ripped out (yes its disgusting) because hal

What happens to bee and wasp after they sting?

A honeybee dies after it stings, because the act of stinging pulls it's body apart. Wasps can, and sometimes do, sting repeatedly without hurting themselves.

What does this mean The bee has a sting but honey too?

It means that everything has two sides just like coin. On one side  it is bad and on the other side it is benefitial to us. It is  similar to "Every cloud has a silver linin

What happens when a carpenter bee stings?

  It hurts very badly. Swelling may occur. Just to sum it up, It feels like a Spider Bite. It looks like one too. I used Vinegar and Baking Soda to take out the stinger an

Do Honey Bees Sting?

Yes Honey Bees do sting! The sting is found in the abdomen, the  larger part of the Bee which also contains the heart, the wax  glands and the reproductive organs. There are