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What happens when a man sucks a penis?

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If you suck it while it is flacid, then it will get harder. If you suck it when it is hard, it will make the man excited to the point he may want to ejaculate his sperm.
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What happens when a man sucks on your breasts?

Answer   It turns most girls on and makes them horny. Not all girls find it as a turn on though, it depends on the girl. you don't actually suck on the breast, you stimul

What is it like sucking a mans penis?

i have sucked some penis in my life and it is kind of like putting a hot dog in your mouth except it is warm, has a subtle taste, and kind of makes your mouth tiered after a w

How old do you have to be to suck a mans penis?

You have to be old enough to know how to pronounce fellatio right, therefore you have to be sexually mature and have some experience in this area.

What happens if you suck the penis?

A number of things happen. The guy gets turned on. He may reach  orgasm. Finally, you may get semen in your mouth. From there, there  are 2 possible options, spit or swallow

Why does the woman suck on the mans penis?

The act of orally stimulating a man's penis and genital area is  technically known as fellatio, or more generically, oral sex.  Fellatio can be performed by either a woman o
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Can you catch HIV if a man sucks your penis?

Possible but very unlikely. There has to be direct blood contact, you can't' catch it through your skin. He would have to have cracked lips, bleeding gums, cold sore or herpes
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Does the women have to sucks mans penis?

No! Oral sex should be absolutely a VOLUNTARY , caring and loving interaction between a two people.If you enjoy it or want to you should feel Free to do it. If it makes you un