What happens when a stone spider bites you?

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I was bitten by a stone spider 2 weeks ago. It felt as though i was being stung. The sting was painful perhaps 4 on a scale 1-10. Three bites in a row beofre I managed to brush it off. Then nothing until that evening (around 7 hours later) - hugely itchy - like veyr bad mosqituo itching. Around 7 on a scale. hree days of itch. Now left with red weals (around 2 cm sqare) with raised bit mark off centre in each. No longer itchy. Looks as though they may scar or leave residual mark - they are pronounced. The spider got trapped around my knee under trousers while walking on coastal path in Cornwall.
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You will have pain and swelling around the area of the bite, and should seek medical care in case you need antibiotics. Untreated bites may lead to blood poisoning.

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IF it's not poisonous and the person is not allergic to it, absolutely nothing besides leaving a bite mark. If not sure about poison, I suggest you google the suspicious as