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What household items can be used for lube?

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Baby Oil, Spit, Vegetable Oil, Canola Oil, Lotion (Unscented to prevent burning), Conditioner
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What household items can be used for masterbation?

There's quite a few: back end of hairbrush, curling iron, put peanut butter on your d**k/c**t, and then let your dog lick it off, toothbrush: either end, your finger, toy rock

What household items can you use for pleasure?

Mint toothpaste on the end of a toothbrush....So good. Amazing, really. But don't use too much, it'll be insane. it could also kill you. the simple thing is a toothbrush (clea

What are common household items you can use to get high?

A ladder is found in a lot of households. By using it, you can bring yourself from ground level to a higher level. As with all household items, they might pose as a risk fac

What household items uses fractions?

Measuring cups and measuring spoons come to mind.