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What increases airs ability to hold water vapor?

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decrease in air pressure
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The average air temperature on Earth may increase as a result of the ability of carbon dioxide and water vapor to absorb?

I am taking earth science too I am pretty good at it 1. visible light 2. radio waves 3. gamma radiation 4. infrared radiation 4 is your answer because it is talking about

What increases the air's ability to hold water vapor?

There are a few factors that increase the ability to hold water vapor or in other words evaporation. If there is a increased amount of clouds in the air that means the air is

When air can't hold the water vapor?

When air can't hold any more water vapor, the humidity is 100%. If the air gets cooler, the water vapor condenses, forming dew. If the air gets warmer, it can hold more water

What does airs ability to hold on to water depend on?

Air can hold a certain amount of water vapour. The amount it can hold depends on the air temperature - the hotter it is, the more water it can hold. A way to think of it is th

Why is there a limit on the amount of water vapor the air can hold?

It takes a lot of energy to turn water into water vapor. The amount of energy that the water gains to turn into water vapor begins to be transferred into the surrounding air.

What do you call the amount of water vapor that the air can hold?

It is the maximum humidity, expressed as the saturation point for a given temperature.

How can you increase soils ability to hold water?

In order for soil to increase its ability to hold water it must have a higher amount of clay present in it. The more clay present in the soil, the more water it will hold. T