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5 axis CNC machines are machines with 2 extra axis of movement above normal machines. 5 axis machines simply mean they can move in 5 different planes

X axis = Left and Right
Y axis = Back and forward
Z axis = Up and Down
A axis = Clockwise and counterclockwise rotation (horizontal plane)
B axis = Clockwise and counterclockwise rotation (vertical plane)

the actual machining side of a 5 axis machine is exactly the same as a conventional 3 axis machine using the multi-directional head assembly (where the rotary bits are attached). However, two extra axis can be achieved through the moving table assembly (where the part is mounted) that provides for increased maneuverability. This enhancement reduces set up times and job sizes if all 5 axis utilized. For information on machines such as 5 axis, visit

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What is a 5 axis CNC used for?

A 5-axis CNC is a computer numerically controlled tool that is used in parts manufacture. This creates parts by starting with material and milling away the excess.