What is 6.324657 in word form?

Six and three hundred twenty-four thousand six hundred fifty-seven millionths.
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What is the plural form of the word opera?

  Opera is actually a plural; the singular is opus, meaning "work." But when we treat opera as an English word meaning a long musical composition of vocal and orchestral p (MORE)

What is 11760825 in expanded form and word form?

11 760 825 =    (1x10 000 000) + (1x1 000 000) + (7x100 000) + (6x10 000) +  (0x1000) + (8x100) + (2x10) + (5x1)  10 000 000 + 1 000 000 + 700 000 + 60 000 + 800 + 20 + (MORE)
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What is the plural form of the word perfume?

The word perfume can be a group noun if referring to the industry, or to scented materials as a whole. But having more than one perfume would have the normal form "perfumes", (MORE)

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What is the singular possessive form of the word it?

The possessive form of "it" is "its". (There is no plural form.)No possessive pronouns take an apostrophe: his, hers, ours, yours, its, theirs."The dog is yours. Its name is B (MORE)

How you write 2.75 in word form?

There are a number of ways to express that. "Two point seven-five" is one reading. Another would be "Two and seventy-five hundredths." Using a fractional equivalent, one might (MORE)

How many words can be formed the word headmaster?

Mast, art, star, dear, deer, dreams, tear, tar, tears, at, as, ad, are, smear, dam, dams, Dame, same, rat, teams, steam, sat, stare, the, thad, team, rats, heads, made, mad, h (MORE)
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What is the comparative form of the word often?

Either oftener or more often. Since often is a native English adjective, not an import, its native comparative is oftener. The form "more often," derived from French grammar, (MORE)

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6 Common Examples of Transaction Documents

Transaction documents are basically defined as printed, mailed, or electronically delivered legally relevant documents. Companies usually have a specific department that creat (MORE)