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Alberta is one of Canada's three Prairie Provinces. It stretches form British Columbia and the towering, snow-clad Rocky Mountains in the west to the province of Saskatchewan in the east; and from the thinly settled Northwest Territories in the north to the state of Montana in the south. Within the boundaries of Alberta, fields of grain extend farther than eye can see, and cattle ranches dot the foothills of the Rockies.
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What is Alberta Canada's main religion?

There isn't a "main religion" in Alberta, because there are as many types of religion as there are different ethnic groups of people. However, Christianity is one of the main

What is Alberta Canada's official rock?

Officially (since 1977) it is petrified wood. Unofficially, it is ammolite. Ammolite found in Alberta has a unique color that is not found in ammolite anywhere else.

What is Alberta translated into Spanish?

Since Alberta is a name it would not be translated between the two languages. It may be pronounced different, but that would be it. The spelling would not change.
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What is Alberta landform?

Alberta has more than one landform. It has prairies, foothills, mountains, rivers, lakes, hills, forests (aspen parkland, transitional boreal and boreal), etc.