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What is BT cotton?

What is BT cotton?
BT cotton is geneticly modified to contain a natural toxin created by a bacteria whos initials are BT. the bacteria as well as its toxin have long been used in organic farming as it is only activated in a highly basic (as in not acidic) envirument which is rather rare in nature execpt for the digestive system of several butterflies one of which is a major pest in cotton crops (i think its called pink worm something but its been a while). anyway the use of such plants mean many chemical treatments will be made redundunt which is good for the consumer as well as the envirument and the farmer. it has also been proven that although there is the ability to develop resistence to the toxin (in the lab) the living cost of of this resistence prevents its build up in nature. that along with the law that stats one has to grow at least 20% of the area with non BT plants aliminates the risk of its efectivness being damaged over time as happens to so many pesticides
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What is bt?

  BT(Bacillus thuringiensis) is a naturally occurring bacterium that is lethal to most leaf-eating caterpillars on trees, shrubs, flowers, and vegetables.     Baci (MORE)

What is the use of bt cotton?

pesticide Bt cotton, or Bacillus thuringiensis cotton, is used the same as any other cotton. The only difference is that it has a protein genetically added which is identical (MORE)

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  Bt-corn is a type of genetically modified organism, termed GMO. A GMO is a plant or animal that has been genetically modified through the addition of a small amount of g (MORE)

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Ultra BTS can support max. of 12 TRx (trancievers), while Flexi can support max. of 24 TRx. Ultrea has drawback that it has all Pin connections on back side, if any of the Pin (MORE)

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What does Bt stand for in Bt Brinjal?

Bt stands for bacillus thuringiensis, a common soil bacterium toxic to lepidopteran insects. When "Bt" is placed before a plant name, such as in "Bt Brinjal" (the brinjal is k (MORE)

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