What is Claim Settlement Ratio and why is it important?

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What is Claim Settlement Ratio?

Claim Settlement Ratio refers to the % of claims settled by an Insurance Company against the number of claims submitted.

For Ex: If 100 people submit claims and the company pays 80 of them, the Claim Settlement Ratio is 80%

Why is Claim Settlement Ratio Important?

It is important because, the higher the claim settlement ratio of the insurance company from which you take the policy, the better are the chances of your family getting paid in case of any mishap
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Which Insurance company in India has the best Claim Settlement Ratio?

Well, this is a tough one and I was able to find some details as of the year ending 2010 in the internet. Am not sure, how accurate they are, but these are the numbers. . A

Which health insurance company in India has best claim settlement ratio?

Almost every insurance claims to provide the best settlement ratio.You will find plenty but to ensure which one actually fulfills allyour requirements and providing you the be
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What is claim settlement ratio in Insurance?

All Insurance companies released its annual report which containclaim settlement ration. The calculation is done by dividing thetotal number of claims received by the total nu