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Who is a management executive?

Minimum education requirements start at a Bachelor's degree. Master's and Doctoral degrees might also be required. An executive manager will need excellent communication, lead

Is senior executive and assistant manager same?

No. Assistant Manager is one position higher that Senior executive. In the corporate ladder (junior to mid level positions), here goes: Assistant/Associate -> Executive -> Se

What is executive support system process?

Typically this means the process of getting an organization's executives the information they need to understand what is happening in the business and to support them in makin

What are the features of executive information system?

An executive information system (EIS) is a type of information  management system that basically makes senior executive  decision-making easier. Features include various EIS

What do you mean by executive support system?

An Executive Support System is a class of information systems that supports business and organizational decision-making activities.It is an interactive software-based system

What are the functions of executive support system?

Executive Support System (ESS) is software for businesses. The  functions include turning the company's data into summarized  reports from various departments. The executive

Which is higher in rank executive position or manager?

Depends where you're working. In the US, Executive is higher than Manager. In the UK and other continental areas, Manager is higher than Executive. Having said that, the diff

What is the difference between Executive manager and assistant manager?

An assistant manager is a position which assists a person in a position as a manager. An executive manager is a person in a mangerial position who has executive authority. Thi