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What is Irrigation and debridement of wounds?

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Irrigation and Debridement simply means the doctor (in my experiences this would be a surgeon) reopens an already present wound which seems to be infected, washes it out with a sterile solution, removes any dead tissue that is causing the infection, and closes the wound again. It is helpful for facilitating the healthy regrowth of tissue in the area and restoring normal function (relevant if the site is a joint or a hand). A common population to perform this on are prior burn victims, as burns have a tendency to get infected and close slowly, but it can be done for a wide variety of injuries.
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What is a debridement?

Debridement is the process of removing dead (necrotic) tissue or foreign material from and around a wound to expose healthy tissue.

Why does surgeons irrigate a surgical wound from which a tumor has been removed with sterile distilled water rather than with sterile isotonic saline?

  Since sterle water is a hypotonic solution, it will cause lysis (bursting) of any remaining cancer cells that may have become dislodged by surgical excision. A hypotonic

What is irrigation?

The process of supplying water by artificial means is called irrigation.

What is autolytic debridement?

Autolytic debridement takes advantage of the body's own ability to dissolve dead tissue.the technique is keeping the wound moist.dressings help to trap wound fluid that contai

Why usin sterile distilled water to irrigate wound after removing tumor?

Exposing the cell to a hypotonic solution can cause the cell to take on water and explode. Ideally, tumor cells take on the water and explode. Thus, there are fewer cells avai

Why does a nurse debride an wound?

  It aids healing and decreases chances of infection by removing the dead skin.