What is Johannesburg's dominant religion?

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What are the dominant religions in Asia?

Hinduism has the largest number of followers, followed closely by Islam (900 million and some 850 million respectively), followed by Buddhism and CHristianity (with Buddhism s

What is the dominant religion?

Christianity has the most followers, but is divided into manybranches (Catholicism being the largest). Additionally, different religions are dominant in different places.Chri

What is Johannesburg's nickname?

As the word "Johannesburg" is fairly large and difficult to say,most of the locals refer to Johannesburg simply as "Joburg"(Pronounced "Joe-Burg" ). Johannesburg is also kno

What was the dominating religion in the Middle Ages?

The Catholic church was the one and only religion in the middle ages. A Some What Wider View. The Middle Ages started in 476 AD and ended in 1500 AD. If you look at t

What is the dominate religion in india?

the main religion in India is Hinduism Which is about 80%, others are Muslim (13 %) and the rest (about 7%) is Jainism, Christianity, Buddhism and others.
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What is the dominate religion of Egypt?

worshiping pyramids, cats, and statues as there gods. ANSWER2: The dominant religion of modern Egypt is Islam.
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What is Johannesburg's language?

Johannesburg is a city in South Africa , so the official languages are English and Afrikaans.