What is Selena Gomez's bodyguard's name?

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Bruce Bogtrotter.
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What is Selena Gomez's sisters name?

shes an only child, but she does have a step-sister called ellie Gomez. ellie is ricardo Gomez's daughter from his previous relationship beforee Amanda cornett

What are the names of Selena Gomez's parents?

Selena Gomez's biological parents are Amanda "Mandy" Cornett and Ricardo Joel "Rick"Gomez , who divorced when Selena was5. On May 18, 2006 Mandy married Selena's step-father BrianTeefey and changed her last name to Teefey. Brian and Amanda are the parents of Selena's half-sister GracieTeefey (bo (MORE)

What is Selena Gomez's full name?

Her full name is Selena Marie Gomez . Selena Marie Gomez Selena Marie Gomez is her real name but her name in Showbiz is Selena Gomez.....Her nickname is Sel her real name is Selena Gomezz her fake name is Alex Selena's birth name is: Selena Marie Kayleigh Gomez.

What is the name of Selena gomez's mother?

Selena Gomez's mom is named Mandy Teefy . She was born Amanda Cornett, but she goes by the nickname Mandy instead. She changed her last name when she married Selena's step-father Brian Teefy.

What is Selena gomez's nick name?

Selena Gomez's nickname is usually Sel. Her best friends such as Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, Jenniffer Stone, etc. call her Sel.. Please DO NOT edit this. It is an official answer from DisneyOfficials! Sel and Selly

What is the name of Selena gomez's album?

Selena Gomez's latest album is called "A year without rain". She thinks that she has grown as an artist and this album is somewhat more mature than the last. It is her second album. If you want to buy it get it at JB HI FI, Target, Big W or any other store with DVDs. Selena is an awesome artist for (MORE)

Is Selena gomez's real name Selena?

Yes, Selena is Selena Gomez's real name. She was named after the late singer Selena Quintanilla-Perez. Her full name is Selena Marie Gomez. Selena Marie Gomez. i got dat from a book about demi lovato and Selena Marie Gomez.

Selena gomez's real name?

Selena Gomez. Her FULL name is Selena Marie Gomez. why does everyone doubt that that is her name?!

What is Selena Gomez's Bebo name?

She does not have bebo as she said in one of her youtube video's with Demi Lovato that her and Demi do not know what bebo is so if you see any Demi or Selena's on bebo they are FAKE

What are Selena gomez's families names?

Selena Gomez parents were divorced when she was 8 years old her real dad name is Ricardo Gomez and her mums name is Amanda Cornett. People call her Mandy for short.

What is Selena Gomez's brother's name?

she doesn`t have any brothers and sisters , she has a best friend that is like her sister called demi lovato yes she does have a step brother well somone said anyway!

What is the name of Selena Gomez's real song?

Selena has many songs. Naturally, a Year Without Rain, Who Says, Cruella Deville, I Won't Apologize, The way I loved You, Hit the Lights, Bang a Drum, Bang Bang Bang, Summer's Not Hot, Spotlight, Love You like A Love Song, falling down, Tell me Something I don't Already Know, Crush, The Ghost of Y (MORE)

What is Selena Gomez's club penguin name?

some people say that Selena doesnt have time to go on club penguin but you were all wrong SHE DOES Selena is not like Miley Cyrus that doesnt have time to go on Selena acctually does have time while demi lovato is filming camp rock Selena gets bored so she then go on her email address on to (MORE)

What is Selena Gomez's msn name?

She usally gets on about 6pm Eastern time. her msn is SelGomez.03@live.com if you want it. No worrys, she is my cousin, that email isn't fake. She will even prove it to you.

What is Selena gomez's wwwstardollcom name?

First of all, why would Selena Gomez have a Stardoll account? She's 17! Stardoll is for kids! I mean a teenager wouldn't have Stardoll so there's your answer she's too old for it! ROFL Seriously, it's like asking which barbie does my mom have! ROFL Well she's too OLD!

What is Selena Gomez's step-dad's name?

His name is Brian Teefey (born 1979) and he married Selena's momAmanda (Mandy) Cornett in 2006. Teefey is the father of Selena'shalf-sister Gracie, born June 12, 2013).

What is Selena gomez's real facebook name?

Selena Gomez has not publicly released her Facebook page at this time. Her Facebook is for her private family and friends, not for fans. Any "Facebook" accounts claiming to be Selena are fake and therefore dangerous. There are plenty of Selena fan pages on Facebook, but none are run by Selena hers (MORE)

What is the name of Selena Gomez's 2010 album?

um... u guys need to update ur answers 'coz that's false! Selena DID release a 2010 album, its called "a year without rain". Get with it people! Whoever answered that question is clearly NOT a big fan of Selena as I am. NO ONE LUVS SELENA MORE THAN ME!!!

What is Selena Gomez's name on wizard101?

First of all I know her personally she gave me her number and she told me her Wizard101 name but it's kinda private I am friend's with her on Wizard101 so the answer is.... NONE OF YOUR BUISNESSES leave her alone she told me it's private I am not telling. You can beg all you want but I won't so leav (MORE)