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Tony Hawk is worth an estimated 180 million as of April 2008.
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When did Tony Hawk's mom die?

  She is alive and well in Oceanside, California.

What is Tony Hawk's middle name?

Tony Hawks middle name is Frank.   His real full name is Anthony Frank Hawk.

How old are Tony Hawk's children?

Tony Hawk has four kids, Riley who was born in 1992, Spencer (1999), Keegan (2001),and Kadence (2008)

What are Tony Hawk's characteristics?

he is the best skater has many invented tricks

Toni braxton net worth?

-10 million

Who was Tony Hawk's second wife?

First it was Cindy Dunbar in 1990 -1993 Then it was Erin Lee in 1996-2004 Now his wife is Lhotse Merriam, well, Lhotse HAWK.
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What is tony hawk's skateboard set up?

 i think he rides a 8.0 birdhouse, independent 139 with some Bones wheels maybe spf 54 mm. kinda small board for his giant foot, in my opinion.