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Why is Wednesday spelled Wednesday?

Answer . Wednesday comes from the Middle English Wednes dei, which is from Old English Wēdnes dæg, meaning the day of the Germanic god Woden who was a god of the Angl

Who or what is maori?

Maori refers to the indigenous people of Aotearoa/New Zealand, their culture and their language.

What is maori?

Maori are the native People of New Zealand.

Who where the maori?

The Maori are the native people of New Zealand

Where are Maori from?

The Maori come from New Zealand (Aotearoa) which they settled from Polynesia. In Maori mythology, the traditional home was Hawaiiki.

Who is maori?

Native people (and their descendants) of New Zealand.

What was the Maoris?

The Maori are the native race of new zealand.

Why isn't Wednesday spelled Wednesday?

Maybe it will be spelled that way one day. Wednesday celebrates the god Odin, in the same way that Thursday celebrates Thor and Saturday celebrates Saturn. So at one point t