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Why am I shy?

People are shy for different reasons. maybe you are not used to being around strange people. You can try to overcome your shyness by talking to strangers in the grocery store

Why are you shy?

Some people aren't, but some people are. It's just in personality. You can't help it sometimes, but you blush if the attention is ALL ON YOU. It's ok to be shy. It's just the

What is shy?

Drawing back from contact or familiarity with others, so basically, not being able to talk to people because you don't really know what to say or do, when around somebody.

What is a sentence using the word gun-shy?

I was once bucked off of a horse that was gun-shy, when a car back-fired.

What is the native American word for shy?

There are many different Native American tribes each with their own separate languages and dialects. So, depends which one you are most interested in. In Cherokee the phonetic

What do you do if you are shy?

If you want to be less shy, you have to view shyness as a lack of  skills in social interactions and then get some practice in a  variety of environments. Then, you will be