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Mixed. Normally a light skin African American woman. Originally associated with Louisiana women that are mixed with European, African and Native American.
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What is an escort service?

Generally, it is a cover for prostitution. . An Escort Service is where you pay someone - either male or female - to be your companion. This service can be offered on an h

What does a full service escort do?

A full service escort will do whatever you pay her for or if it's a man the same thing applies, but going to an escort service is expensive, better you save some money before

Are escort services safe in Vancouver?

Because of the illegal (and therefore unregulated) nature of the sex trade, there are no "safe" escorts. From an employee point of view, despite their best efforts, escort ser

Are escorts service in chennai madras safe?

Guys dont even think about it...best is to call the escort to ur  Apartment...and before doing any deal, plz be clear what type of  escort u want....becoz in chennai most ar

What kind of services do escorts provide?

They are officially meant to be men or women who will accompany aman or woman to socialise for a fee, be seen with him/her as anattractive companion However, many male and or

What type of services will an escort provide?

An escort will provide you with companionship services, meaning ifyou need someone to escort you to an event, they will provide thatservice. Some escorts also provide extra fa

What types of services does a professional escort service offer?

A professional escort offers many different types of services depending on what one requires. They will accompany an individual to events where a companion is required. The
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What service does Leeds Escorts provide?

Leeds Escorts provides a personal service to it's clients. It offers a discreet, personal introduction service for gentlemen. It is situated in Leeds, which is one of the larg