What is a bilateral fracture of the femur?

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Its when both femurs (thigh bone) are broken. They can either be closed or open. (The bone breaks through the skin or stays inline)
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What is a femur?

Answer . Between your knee and hip.. It is also the longest bone in you body.. By Jens Radda It is the top bone in the leg. femurs are the biggest bones in the body which are in your leg and also in Egypt they needed big femurs to make pyramids and stuff . A BONE IN THE BODY

What is fracture?

Mineralogically speaking, fracture means the characteristicappearance of the surface of a freshly broken mineral or rock. Itcan also mean the manner in which a mineral or rock naturallybreaks. Synonyms of fracture include, but are notlimited to: splinter, smash, split, rupture, and shatter. (MORE)

What is an internal way to fix a femur fracture on a dog?

You can get comfrey and calendula (marigold flowers) from an herb store and make a poultice. Just brew the herbs 1 part herb and 3 parts water like tea. Do not boil. Let cool, repeat. Get as much herb on a paper towel/rag as you can and wrap it around the affected area. keep in place with an ace ban (MORE)

What does the femur bone do?

The femur allows you to walk, jump, kick, swim, and do other activities that involve your leg. The femur is a bone in the leg. It helps to give the leg structure and to protect what's underneath it, like blood vessels.

Function of femur?

Identification . The femur is attached to the pelvis and knee cap, which makes it the longest bone in the body. The National Space Biomedical Research Institute states the average adult femur measures 20 inches and is more than 1 inch in width.. Stability . The femur connects to the pelvis so (MORE)

What are the functions of the femur?

The femur, which is part of the upper thigh, is the largest bone in the human body. It performs various functions that help maintain mobility.

What is a femure?

You must mean "femur," which is "the longest and thickest bone of the human skeleton; extends from the pelvis to the knee" (Word Web); apparently some folks choose to spell it "femure" but that's not in the dictionary.

Do femurs have crests?

Its unclear what you mean by "crest". The human femur has over 25 named aspects referring to different areas, ridges, sides,etc. of the bone. Some of these are where the bone connects to another bone, others are places where muscles attach. The names are importent so doctors and scientists can talk (MORE)

What are facts about the femur?

The femur makes up about 1/4 of a person's overall height and... The femur is the strongest bone in the body... Also the femur has the patella at the bottom and the pelvis at the top of it.

Can you play soccer with a stress fracture in your femur?

This does not sound like a good idea. The femur is a weight bearing bone. The only way to heal a stress fracture in the femur is by rest. Physical activity would not only delay the healing but could result in a more serious injury. I am not a doctor so I would not give out any medical advice. But m (MORE)

How long is your femur?

Without an x-ray or special tools you will not get a definite answer. But you can come close to it by....measuring between the dynamic center of the hip (center between crotch and belt line) and the lower condyle's contact surface with the tibial contact surface (bend your knee and find the center o (MORE)

What is the femurs job?

The Femur extends from the hip joint to the knee joint and is the longest and strongest bone in the body.

How strong is the femur?

The femur is the strongest and thickest bone in the body. It can take about 600 LBS of vertical force before it breaks. That pretty much means that if you set it up so it was horizontal, with a space in between the things holding it up, and put 600 pounds on it, it would snap. That's strong.

Blood lose in a bilateral femur fracture?

Bilateral means both sides. Femur is your hip. Someone with bilateral femur fracture and blood loss is someone who is bleeding(internally) from having broken the hip on both sides. The amount of blood lose can vary.

What is a fracture?

Literally means "break". In geology it can be a tension-crack by dessication or tectonic forces in a sediment or precipitation-formation; or a cooling-contraction crack in igneous rock (think Giant's Causeway). It can also be a Fault - a major cross-formation break with accompanying displacement o (MORE)

What is a femur fracture?

A fracture is a disruption in the structure of a bone. For example a crack or a break in a bone. A femur fracture is therefor a crack or break in the femur.

Signs and symptoms fracture neck of femur?

external rotation and shortening of the affected leg, pain on any movement, tenderness on palpation of anterior and lateral aspects of the affectedt hip, the greater trochanter is elevated on the affected side, inability to mobilise.

Where are the femurs in the body?

Your femur, or thighbone, is the largest bone in your body. We have 2 femur, 1 each leg. The head of your femur fits into your hip socket and the bottom end connects to your knee.

Is Thomas splint traction appropriate for neck of femur fracture?

A femur fracture is very painful due to the large muscles causing the bone ends to over ride each other. The sharp bone ends now dig into the muscle and nerves causing pain and bleeding. The traction splint is used to reduce the pain, prevent further injury of nerves, and to control bleeding by pull (MORE)

Why do most fractures occur at the middle third of the femur instead of at the ends?

Simply put, it is easier to break any length of uniform material inthe middle third than at the ends. The greater the distance fromthe end point of the material to the potential fracture point, thegreater torque that is able to be applied. So it takes less forceto apply the necessary torque to fract (MORE)

What would the femur be?

The femur is the largest bone in the body; it's your "thigh bone", above the knee attaching to the hip.

Is the femur hollow?

No, that is actually a common mistake people make. You never really mix it up unless your are actually researching the human body. The femur is actually super narrow, that's what they get mixed up.

What if you have no femur?

You'd fall over, or at least have to hop. The femur is the bone in your upper leg, otherwise known as the thigh bone. The femur is the largest and strongest bone in the human body. If a femur is damaged, by trauma or disease, a femur prosthesis (artifical femur bone) can be implanted.

Is the femur an organ?

Yes the femur can be considered an organ. Think of it this way, the definition of a tissue is a group of functionally related cells and their extracellular material (or intercellular products) which in turn together have a common function. The definition of an organ is a group of different tissues w (MORE)

Do snakes have a femur?

Yes. But it is a vestigial structure, meaning the ancestors needed them, but they are useless to the current creature.

How much blood is lost in a femur fracture?

A fractured femur can result in 1500 to 3000 mL of hemorrhage. If an artery or vein has been ruptured on the fracture, depends on the extension and seriousness of it. Normally bone fractures do not involves haemorrage, but on the event of a blood vessel rupturing, the seriousness and amount of blood (MORE)

What is femur and humerus?

The femur is the biggest bone in the body and is known as the thigh bone in common terms. The humerus is the bone that is attached to The scapula by the glenohumeral joint.

Can you run after you have had a femur stress fracture?

Why take a risk when it comes to your health? As the word "stress" you are definetly abusing the normal wear and tear of your body. Slow down, take it easy, go and see an orthopedic doctor and listen well. Do what the MD says, after all it is your body and you know what? Later in life you will eithe (MORE)

Why fracture in femur is dangerous?

The femoral artery runs right along the femur. A fracture in the femur might damage the artery leading to massive internal bleeding, as the femoral artery is one of the largest arteries in your body.

Do horses have a femur?

Yes, the femur runs from the stifle (the equivalent of the knee in a human back to the point of the rump (the human seat bones/hip) in the back leg.

What do the femur do?

The femur, thigh bone, is the longest bone in the body. What the femur does is allows movement to be made in the legs. This makes running, walking, standing, skipping, and jumping possible.

What is fractured?

The term refers to something snaped /broken i.e. a fractured arm isin fact a break in one of the bones. It also refers to any soliditem that breaks. i.e a bridge support may, under certainsituations fracture (break)